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N. Korea propaganda footage shows Obama, US troops on fire

Published time: February 20, 2013 11:51
Edited time: February 23, 2013 16:19
North Korean soldiers ride on the back of MLRS (mutliple launch rocket system).(AFP Photo / Pedro Ugarte)

North Korean soldiers ride on the back of MLRS (mutliple launch rocket system).(AFP Photo / Pedro Ugarte)

A new North Korean propaganda video has emerged, depicting US President Barack Obama and American soldiers through a background of flames. The footage states Pyongyang carried out its latest nuclear test to spite the US, which warned against it.

The video ends with a simulation of a nuclear explosion underground. It was initially posted on YouTube account connected to a government news and propaganda agency called Uriminzokkiri, AFP reported.

The footage came with Korean captions, pointing out that the test had been conducted because of the US hostility.

"The North's high-level nuclear test aimed at US invaders is a nuclear deterrent to safeguard our sovereignty," one caption read.

"The US practically guided the North towards conducting the nuclear test," it added.

Screenshot from YouTube user uriminzokkiri

The footage emerged as North Korean scientists, technicians, workers and officials who were behind the test were honored in the capital during a day of the official celebration of the successful launch.

A fortnight earlier, Pyongyang posted other footage which showed New York on fire following what appeared to be a missile attack. The video was deleted within a few hours.

North Korea has threatened the South with 'final destruction' during a debate at the UN Conference on Disarmament on Tuesday, Reuters reported. It follows an underground nuclear test just over a week ago, which triggered immediate condemnation from the UN and the international community.

Pyongyang reportedly responded by informing its primary ally China that it may stage two more nuclear tests before the end of this year.

Screenshot from YouTube user uriminzokkiri

Comments (4)

Anonymous user 16.03.2013 05:50

Why are some of us Americans so much into warmongering...
^ Not an American

Anonymous user 08.03.2013 20:09

Why are some of us Americans so much into warmongering, learn from Europe and their experiences...

Anonymous user 08.03.2013 03:52

Are one of our diplomats not going to sneak a food package in there this time?

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