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Hackers down Russian presidential site in ‘powerful cyber-attack’

Published time: March 14, 2014 09:10
Edited time: March 14, 2014 14:16
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Screenshot from

Unidentified hackers brought down the Russian presidency’s site and the Central Bank’s web page in a wave of online attacks. The website is now operational for most users.

"A powerful cyber-attack is underway on the [Kremlin] site," a Kremlin spokeswoman said, adding they had been unable to discern who had carried out the attack.

Specialists are now working to eliminate any disruption caused by the ongoing cyber-assault. An investigation has also been launched into the source of the hack attack.

“A serious DDoS attack is currently underway, not only on the Kremlin site, but also a number of other web portals,” the Kremlin’s press service told Russian news agency ITAR-TASS, confirming this is the most powerful cyber-attack ever carried out on the presidential site.

“Every possible measure is being taken to bring the site back online,”
said the press service. “At present the site is working for most users.”

Russia’s Central Bank also confirmed that its site had been knocked out by hackers on Friday morning.

“At the moment Central Bank’s website is experiencing problems due to a hack attack. Central Bank is taking steps to restore the website and prevent further attacks,” said a spokesperson from the Bank to the press.

The site now appears to be working, but is experiencing delays loading page information.

The Russian Foreign Ministry’s website also suffered disruptions Friday, the ministry’s Information and Press Department told Itar-Tass. They did not rule out that the problems could also be connected with hackers’ attacks.

Russian media sites were hit by cyber-attacks on Thursday. Anonymous Caucasus claimed responsibility for taking down Russian Channel One’s website, although it denied it had anything to do with the current situation in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Russia-24 TV channel said on its website that the internet resources of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK) were also targeted in a “massive network attack.”

Earlier in the week Anonymous Caucasus targeted the website of news outlet LifeNews, slamming the organization as the “lapdogs of the FSB [Russian security service].”

DDoS attacks or denial-of-service attacks work by flooding the targeting server with communications requests, causing the site to work so slowly that it becomes unavailable.

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Howie j 14.03.2014 20:43

[quote name='Steven Duplisea' time='14.03.2014 18:09']

Are you out of your mind? "Mossad doesn't really care much about the events in Ukraine?"

Dude, you can try to chop off a cat's tail or try and shoot it in the head.

Of course Israel and Mossad have a vested interest in the events in Ukraine! Russia assists Syria and Iran. They would declare a national holiday in Israel if Putin disappeared and the govt in Russian changed overnight.

This is Bibi's 'wet-dream' of all wet-dreams!

100% disingenuous![/quote ]

Nice to see not everybody is not asleep at the helm. Cool dude.


Howie j 14.03.2014 19:53

Mack Edward Canipe 14.03.2014 19:42

Isr ael and their Jewish SS (Mossad) are too smart for their own britches. They are their own worst enemies.


You have that right my friend. The problem is that thay are trying to start a major war, and they are using the infiltrated U.S congress that their oligharcs have bankrupted to the tune of 16 trillion dollars. I hope Ukraine wakes up before its too late. Sadly the zio's probably control their media, And they are probably brainwashed to think the IMF and World bank will help them. Poor souls.


Mack Edward Canipe 14.03.2014 19:47

The Israeli Mossad is made up of mainly Askenazi Jews from Europe who use sophisticated science from the West against their Arab neighbors. However, their Arab neighbors are becoming more sophisticated and catching up with their Zionist neighbors who have lost most the recent wars that they used to win against Arabs. Israeli Zionist are over-confident now...and it is their archilles heel.

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