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Footage of tank using crowd of people for full-speed brake demo goes viral (VIDEO)

Published time: January 29, 2014 23:08
Edited time: January 30, 2014 06:59
Screenshot from youtube video by Lancertful

Screenshot from youtube video by Lancertful

Sixty-three-ton tanks don’t usually demonstrate their braking prowess on a group of volunteers dressed in black tie, which is why footage of such a stunt has produced one of the most heart-stopping viral videos in recent history.

The clip in question depicts a $5 million Leopard II tank accelerating to its full speed of 70 km/h just prior to stopping mere feet away from a group of test subjects who have their backs to the beastly machine. Since surfacing on a Dutch website last week the footage has gathered millions of views on various video-sharing sites.

But its provenance and authenticity have raised questions.

The original poster merely said it was “from the archives”. The Leopard II tanks themselves – once a mainstay of the Dutch army – were decommissioned in 2011, and have since been sold to customers around the world.

There appears to be no record of the Netherlands armed forces authorizing such a knife-edge spectacle for any promotional purposes.

Amateur commenters have also suggested that the video may have been two separate recordings spliced together using a green screen, although if this was the case, it appears to have been a highly professional production.

Comments (7)


Titov Maxim 30.01.2014 05:19

1) 100% fake footage!!!
2) :))))))))) Brake is very important technical characteristics for the tank of 21 centuries.
3) Shame!!!!!


Armondo Q Smith 30.01.2014 04:40

The dust didn't get the targets dusty, or even go over them.


Alexander Vi Britannia 30.01.2014 04:20

Christopher John Walters 29.01.2014 23:25

Russia's T-90 'Flying Tank doing that would really raise your veins.


Ra ise them up from what? The outdated, old Soviet technology (if you can even call it technology)?

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