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Libya releases 4 US military personnel detained earlier – US defense official

Published time: December 28, 2013 03:21
Edited time: December 28, 2013 04:38
The US embassy in Tripoli (AFP Photo / Mahmud Turkia)

The US embassy in Tripoli (AFP Photo / Mahmud Turkia)

Four US military personnel detained by the Libyan government have been released, US officials have confirmed.

A US Defense Department official said the four American service members have been freed, according to Reuters. They were reportedly being held by Libya’s Ministry of the Interior in the town of Sabratha. "All four (have been) released," the official said.

The reason for their detainment and their current whereabouts were not immediately known.

The US State Department previously confirmed the detainment.

"We can confirm that four US military personnel are currently being held in Libyan government custody," said Jen Psaki, State Department spokesperson. "We are seeking to further ascertain the facts and ensure their release. We are in touch with Libyan officials on this issue."

A senior US Defense Department official told CNN that the four were being held by the Interior Ministry. The service members were reportedly in Libya "augmenting security at the US Embassy in Tripoli," the official added. The four are believed to have been reviewing potential evacuation routes for diplomats at the time of detainment, according to The New York Times.

Photos of two American passports and embassy ID cards were posted on Twitter, supposedly related to the detentions, the Times reported.

The original detainment occurred in a town southwest of the Roman ruins, at Sabratha, according to the Times. The town is approximately a one-hour drive from Tripoli.

The detentions followed an announcement by the United States in November that it would increase support for Libya’s security forces, which have been overwhelmed by violence and unrest since the death of Muammar Gaddafi.

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Radiation Poisoning 28.12.2013 05:37

Dark Vader 28.12.2013 04:07

Divine miracles???? you mean divine mistakes...


Miracles and Mistakes are one in the same. Do some research before replying inanely. More than two question marks do not make a question any higher in the question scale. Peace love and happiness to you and yours. May your actions, namely your comment and my reply echo through eternity!!


teddy 28.12.2013 03:52

as the US Empire tries to continue "ruling the world" - and the more exposed its hypocrisies and manipulations are, also exposing its impotence to hold on to power no matter how ruthless it tries to impose it -- the more will countries , even "subordinate allies" will find ways to make the "EMPIRE" PAY dearly for the decades it has tried to impose its WILL on people everywhere.......... .the US EMPIRE has now entered the time where, contrary to its designs of Control over the world, it is TRULY "insecure" and UNSAFE wherever its citizens go to "spread the american way".


roberto cunanan 28.12.2013 03:52

these libyan parasites do not appreciate the people who put them into power. i mean the people who put them incharge for things that matters for libyans... not their oil.

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