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Vintage plane crashes outside Madrid at aerobatics show (VIDEO)

Published time: May 05, 2013 18:02
Video still of YouTube video uploaded by user shearaya

Video still of YouTube video uploaded by user shearaya

An air show featuring aerial acrobatics and vintage aircraft has ended in tragedy near Madrid as a stunt plane crashed into buildings. A pilot sustained severe injuries and reportedly died in hospital. A spectator caught the moment of crash on film.

A spokesman for Spain's airport authority said some 3,000 people were at Cuatro Vientos airfield, located to the southwest of the Spanish capital, watching the air show.

The footage clearly shows a plane making what looks like a normal flight during a series of aerial acrobatics tricks. But suddenly it dives and after a short free fall crashes into hangars away from the field.

Before the viewer had a chance to realize what had happened, the aircraft exploded. The ensuing blaze was then followed by a large plume of smoke that could be seen rising above the hangars.

No one aside from the pilot was hurt, officials told AP. The pilot was later reported by local media to have died of his wounds whilst in hospital.

Comments (2)

Anonymous user 06.05.2013 02:10

died of his wounds in hospital? Where'd they find enough of him to take to the hospital?

Anonymous user 05.05.2013 18:26

Why all the screaming?
The crashes are the only reason to go to an airshow. Its like nascar.

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