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Venezuela's President Maduro accuses Obama of inciting violence

Published time: February 20, 2014 21:26
Edited time: February 21, 2014 05:00
Venenzuelan President Nicolas Maduro (AFP Photo / Presidencia)

Venenzuelan President Nicolas Maduro (AFP Photo / Presidencia)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has accused President Obama of promoting ongoing protests in the country, and of backing members of the opposition alleged to be behind violence.

In a communique, the Latin American leader demanded that the US explain its motives in “financing, promoting and defending members of the opposition that promote violence against our country.”

Maduro went on to denounce declarations made by President Obama regarding the situation in Venezuela, saying that they presented a “gross interference in internal affairs.”

The new accusations come amidst a spike in the unrest that has gripped Venezuela, with some six people killed since demonstrations mounted by the opposition turned violent last week.

Wednesday night saw sporadic clashes between demonstrators in the capital of Caracas, the majority of which are middle class students who are frustrated with the country’s sputtering economy and soaring crime rate, and are seeking a regime change.

Maduro, who was elected last year as the heir apparent following the death of long-time President Hugo Chavez, has accused the opposition of fomenting a coup and inciting violence.

Supporters of Leopoldo Lopez, an ardent opponent of Venezuela's socialist government facing an arrest warrant after President Nicolas Maduro ordered his arrest on charges of homicide and inciting violence, light fires outside La Carlota military base, where he was taken after turning himself in, on February 18, 2014, in Caracas. (AFP Photo / Juan Barreto)

"There is an international campaign to justify a foreign intervention in Venezuela," Maduro said on Wednesday.

Members of the Venezuelan opposition have appealed to the international community over what they say was a tainted election, though little has been presented in the way of evidence of electoral impropriety in what was a closely contested runoff. Spearheading that effort has been Henrique Capriles, the opposition's two-time losing presidential candidate.

Venezuela’s ruling party, meanwhile, has long maintained that the US is playing a role in propping up the country’s opposition, and seeking to subvert the Maduro administration. That vitriol was sustained during Hugo Chavez’s tenure as the country’s leader; he often referred to an unsuccessful 2002 coup which heavily implicated US coordination.

The latest spout of violence came on the heels of opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez’s surrender to government authorities during a large rally in Caracas. Lopez, who has recently become a rising star among Maduro opponents, is alleged to have played a role in the 2002 coup attempt.

Lopez, the Harvard educated 42-year-old leader of the Popular Will party and a former mayor, is being held responsible for the casualties that have resulted as demonstrators continue to clash with government forces.

"I said, 'Send him to jail,' and that's what happened and that's what will happen with all of the fascists. I won't allow him to challenge the people of Venezuela, the constitution,” said Maduro shortly after his arrest.

Lopez is being held in Caracas' Ramo Verde military jail on charges of fomenting the violence. According to his lawyers, prosecutors have dropped the most serious charges of murder against him.

Related to allegations of international meddling, Venezuela recently blocked broadcasts by Colombian based NTN24, and on Thursday Maduro warned US broadcaster CNN that it would be booted from the country if it did not "rectify" its programming, which was described as propaganda.

"I asked the minister of Communications, Delcy Rodríguez, that she notify CNN that the administrative process of removing them from Venezuela has begun if they do not rectify (comply). CNN will leave Venezuela. Enough of the war propaganda," said the Venezuelan leader.

Comments (156)


Eugene Weixel 28.02.2014 18:50

The Obama administration is a huge dissapointment in many areas. Probably most serious is its meddling - amateurishly at that - in the affairs of other nations. It was boasted that "we" spent five billion dollars to destabilize the Ukraine and put pro nazis in command in Kiev

What did "we" learn from Vietnam to Syria?
It appears that "we" never learned from burning " our " fingers in ,Venezuela in 2002' failed coup. In fact it seems that " the lessons of Vietnam have to be relearned the hard way. How tragic that the citi


dianne blue 23.02.2014 21:36

What's amazing is that many Americans on other sites are saying the same thing you all are. Stay out of other countries' business and take care of problems at home. Obama is extremely unpopular now and pull all our foreign aid and keep it home. We know what's going on with our government and business and so do all of you. We air our dirty laundry for you to see.


R 22.02.2014 23:08

Well, if its ok for Maduro to round up people who don't arent happy with his rule, maybe we should start rounding up all the anti west RT commentators who live in western countries.

Afterall, you people are saying that unrest in Venezuela is 100% foreign agents. So your unrest with your respective governments must also be foreign backed.

Maybe we should start alerting CIA/DHS/FBI/CSIS/GCH Q ect when we see an western citizen here speaking out against their countries policies. You have convinced me that ALL dissidents are paid agents.

Onc e Maduro is done his crackdown, we begin ours? How does that sound?

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