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MafiaLeaks challenges organized crime in Italy

Published time: November 06, 2013 03:57
AFP Photo / Mario Laporta

AFP Photo / Mario Laporta

Italian organized crime activists have launched a new anonymous website where informants can report Mafia activity. MafiaLeaks is designed to encourage people to share information on organized crime without fear of reprisal.

The developers have borrowed their idea from WikiLeaks where any information shared with the site is processed by an anonymous coded network. WikiLeaks is directed through the Tor anonymity network to protect user identities before the information gets passed on to law enforcement agencies.

In keeping with the spirit of anonymity, the volunteers that have created this project chose to keep their identity hidden.

“Everything we do to do with WikiLeaks we do after work, using money from our own pockets,” one member of the project told Italian La Repubblica newspaper. “There are fewer than 10 of us, with families.”

The Italian language website has an English Banner reading 'if you know something, say something'.  “You can be sure that your voice will remain anonymous” is the pledge that the visitors see on the homepage.
Submitting information can be done through three categories - 'whistleblowers', 'victims', and 'know something'. Informants are being asked to provide documentation of their claims, if possible.

The data submitted will then be sent to 'trusted persons' accessible only through a special code. The developers hope that law enforcement agents, journalists and anti-corruption campaigners will top the list of 'trusted persons'.

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The data submitted will remain on the server for 20 days and on expiry will be automatically erased. But the website warns, “do not leave anything in the data that can be traced back to your person.”

“WikiLeaks could be a good way of spreading a certain type of information and shattering the wall of silence,”
Magistrate Nicola Gratteri told La Repubblica, cautioning against “'desires for vengeance”. There is also fear that the site could be used by the crime world to spread misinformation.

The Mafia emerged in Sicily in the 19th century to provide protection to businesses through violence outside the sanction of the law. Also known as the Cosa Nostra it consists of a loose association of criminal groups or family clans united under a common organizational umbrella and code of conduct. In modern times, it is estimated that 70 per cent of Sicilian businesses use Mafia services, costing the region's economy more than €10 billion a year.

Comments (4)


Janice Dewdney 06.11.2013 16:58

Are we 100% sure we can still trust WikiLeaks?? This is something i am researching now. The WikiLeaks name on the bus that was okay'd by police to start 5th Nov MMM a day early. It's out in the open on an interview.. I have asked WikiLeaks if they either supported or funded the bus..Remember the bus is Christines, Wiki Poets finance..Who we now know is a fed..We must start to cover our contacts as being safe..Whistle blowers get tortured and treat worse than a pediophile or mass child murderer. I thnk we need to gather our professional solicitors and get some form of our own laws in tact,Dealing with the criminals.


Hanonymouse 06.11.2013 13:09

What a great idea. Because it works so well for Mexico, when people show up decapitated with little signs quoting their facebook posts, just to remind the rest that the bad guys are online too. Surely an "anonymous" ; public tip won't result in any reprisals at all, right?


archibald.krofta 06.11.2013 11:05

Vitale 06.11.2013 07:42

You have to fix the Political Mafia.
Not the guys on the street's trying to feed their families.


by any means? both need to be fixed ! evil has to be kicked from everywhere.

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