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Man travels world clad in pink tutu to make his cancer-suffering wife smile (VIDEO)

Published time: December 11, 2013 16:22
Edited time: December 12, 2013 15:35

Still from Ruptly video

When Bob Carey discovered his wife, Linda, was diagnosed with breast cancer his reaction was far from ordinary: he donned a pink tutu and embarked on a one-man mission to make his wife laugh during her chemotherapy.

Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, following the couple’s move from Arizona to New York.

“After Linda was diagnosed, that’s when I went into self-therapy mode. I grabbed a tutu and we went out and started making pictures,” said Bob, a professional photographer, to Deutscher Telekom. He began to take pictures of himself clad only in a pink tutu in different locations to keep his wife’s spirits up during chemo.

Linda even took the photos to the hospital with her to show the other patients the aspiring ballerina.

“It makes me laugh, it helps me keep positive,” says Linda, adding the effect is like “when a superhero puts on the cape.”

Bob’s photos were so popular that the couple decided to found ‘The Tutu Project.’ As part of the initiative, he embarked on a journey around the US and to different countries, taking photos of himself in his pink tutu to contribute to the ‘Ballerina book.’ Bob has braved rain, snow and freezing temperatures to raise awareness for breast cancer sufferers.

RT’s video agency, Ruptly, caught up with the budding ballerina during his visit to Germany’s Brandenburg Gate on Monday.

“To me, it's just recording my feelings. You know it started out as self-therapy and helping myself, but now it's about helping others and raising awareness and ultimately helping women going through horrible times of their life,” said Carey taking a breather after jumping up and down in front of the Brandenburg Gate for photos.

Bob has already sold 3,000 of the 5,000 books he has printed, donating the proceeds to The Carey Foundation which was formed at the same time of The Tutu Project.

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Nicole S Page 11.12.2013 21:32

Some women find the incredibly funny ....I would !!!! That is the point... to take our eyes of the burden even if only for a moment ...It would be well appreciated...Some girls love a good laugh and find these silly acts loving and endearing.... Bob your da man !!!!!! bless you and your wife !!!!


Konrad3 11.12.2013 19:26

royal oak 11.12.2013 18:09

Mny more men die from prostate cancer than women of breast cancer. Although 7 times the money, govenment and private is spent on breast cancer research.
But another example of gender discrimination against men!
When is it going to end?
I think this jerk should be shot for making a fool of himself!


1st, That wouldn't make his wife smile at all!
2nd, You know how men are (the simple ones), they try to act cool by ignoring things, & basically negligence & obscurity are probably more to blame for what you mentioned than inequality. Besides, T!ts are T!ts.


Brad Stewart 11.12.2013 18:15

Cannabis cures cancer. Google it. Or YouTube it.

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