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Russia’s military spending soars

Published time: February 25, 2011 09:49
Edited time: February 25, 2011 13:20

Russia has revealed details of its ambitious plan to upgrade its army over the next ten years, planning to spend US$650 billion on the project.

­The unveiled large-scale plans of the Russian defense ministry propose the spending of vast sums of money up to 2020.

First and foremost, Russian defense will focus on the development of strategic nuclear weapons, construction of over 100 military vessels for Russian Navy, including construction of four originally French-made Mistral-class amphibious assault ships, and the introduction into the Air Force of over 1,000 helicopters and 600 military planes, including fifth generation PAK-FA fighter.

Most of the military hardware will be equipped with next-generation weaponry.

For the first time ever, Russia is planning to buy military equipment from NATO-member countries – two Mistral helicopter carriers will be bought in France (with two more licensed to be built in Russia), as well as samples of armored vehicles from Italy and elements of personal combat systems also from France.

Moscow’s plans to modernize Russian strategic nuclear forces do not contravene the newly-signed New START nuclear arms reduction treaty with the US, which aims at the reduction of up to a third of the strategic nuclear weapons in both Russia and the US.

President Dmitry Medvedev came out and said that he really wants the Russian military to be a source of innovation, and upgrading military forces is what all the spending is based upon.

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Robert 30.05.2014 12:03

Yes, Russia would make a great ally for the USA. Unfortunately, I cannot see that happening any time soon.

There are ethnic populations in the US/Canada who hate Russia like their ancestors did. They never became "Americans" ;.

Most of these, like Poles, Baltics, Hungarians, Croats, and some others are very opposed to any kind of rapprochement with Russia. Their children are taught to hate Russia with their mother's milk.

The US MIC (Military Industrial Complex) is not satisfied with just China as a sole adversary. Many jobs in the US depend on the MIC. Let us remember NATO needs more adversaries for their MIC.


Jack Wild 14.05.2014 12:59

RockyRacoon 13.05.2014 04:12

6IN America 68 cents of every tax dollar goes to military while bridges collapse and children's schools close-this is not the new American century by far not by a long shot. No way.


Any evidence to back this insane figure up?

Of course not - because you made it up.


David Marsden 13.05.2014 01:19

IM not pro russian but the western media make russia an outlaw which is not the case, read the media and see how many fronts america has a finger in, frankly they have gone overboard.

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