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'Fabricated!' NBC Sochi 'hack hysteria' exposed

Published time: February 07, 2014 12:53
Edited time: February 07, 2014 15:30
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‘The story was fabricated.’ Cyber security experts are calling out an NBC Sochi-hacker hit-job as a fabrication that, at best, made liberal use of assistance given to them by experts.

NBC news Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel and security expert Kyle Wilhoit claimed to prove how fresh computers were hacked within 24 hours of operation in Russia. A theatrically staged set-up featuring Moscow landmarks wrongly claimed to prove the point Engel wanted to make – Your data is not safe in Sochi.

Engel provided few technical details on how exactly those cyber-attacks happened, but suggested he had not initiated any act before his phone was hacked.

But he had. He downloaded a hostile Android app.

Engel then tried to convince viewers that uninitiated hacks are rampant in Russia. “American athletes and fans are entering a minefield the moment they log in to the internet” he warned. Untrue. In fact, almost impossible!

Security expert Robert Graham of errata looked at the package aired on MSNBC and slammed it as "100 percent fraudulent" and “wrong in every salient detail”.

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Graham added a salient point to anyone deciphering the subtle anti-Sochi spin saturating MSM as the Olympics open.

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Wilhoit, the expert central to the NBC report, is currently is writing a whitepaper on the technology featured, but has clarified how his work was ‘edited’ to give a false impression.

NBC haven’t made any statement despite repeated requests to @RicahrdEngel and @NBCNews to clarify just how hackers are set to prey on every American visitor to Sochi.

Graham offers advice to anyone, regardless of where they might be: “If you’re a stupid user, don't patch your shit, and click on Olympic themed sites and randomly click ‘yes’, ur good.”

The Sochi spinfest continues…

Comments (37)


Regula 12.02.2014 09:13

The Sochi Olympics are the most spectacular winter Olympics to date. Their problem? The merit goes to Russia and Putin who had the vision and the ability - and not to the USA. So how could anything Russia is doing be good? And how will the NSA cover up its mass spying on the visitors in Sochi? - well just that way: accusing Russian cyber criminals of doing it and scaring everybody against Russia. What the US was saying in its warning to its Olympians is that the NSA will spy on every detail of every person in Sochi. It is the new US trend: accuse the victim for the fault of the crime. Syria, Ukraine - ring a bell?


Victor Eremita 11.02.2014 00:57

I wanted to see the video for this story but I've heard the NBC News website is full of viruses and you're computer is likely to be hacked within minutes of visiting their site.. It's just not worth the risk.


Victor Eremita 10.02.2014 21:14

Engel and NBC just lost their last modicum of credibility. Obviously a manufactured story and obviously anti-Russian propaganda. So blatant it's unforgivable. Just amazing and bizarre.

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