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At least 30 dead in Pakistan funeral bombing (VIDEO)

Published time: August 08, 2013 11:24
Edited time: August 08, 2013 13:59

Pakistani police officials are pictured at the site of a suicide bomb attack in Quetta on August 8, 2013. (AFP Photo / Banaras Khan) (GeoNew video via AP)

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A suicide bomber killed 30 people and wounded scores others, including senior police officers, at the funeral of a Pakistani policeman in the western city of Quetta on Thursday, local media quote police sources as saying.

"So far we can confirm 21 police personnel, including senior police officials, have been killed. Nine other victims are yet to be identified," Inspector General Mushtaq Sukhera told a press conference. "I can confirm 40 people have been injured."

Before that, the AP reported 60 people sustained injuries. The wounded were transported to the Civil Hospital and the Combined Military Hospital. Several of them were said to be in critical condition.

Eyewitnesses said fear and chaos broke out among the attendees of the funeral following the blast in the capital of Baluchistan province.

One of the dead included the head of police operations in Baluchistan, Fayaz Sumbal. Sumbal spotted the suicide bomber before he detonated his explosives and reportedly asked police officers to quickly search him. As officers began to question the bomber, he blew himself up. 

The bomb, which appeared to be a suicide blast, contained between eight to 10kg of explosive material, local media said. It went off as senior officers prepared to offer prayers for their fallen colleague, who had been gunned down earlier in the day.

Quetta is home to many militants, including the Taliban and sectarian groups, but no one has claimed responsibility for the attack.  

The attack in Pakistan comes just hours after a bomb planted in a graveyard in Afghanistan killed at least 14 women and children, many of them holding a vigil at the grave of a family member during the Muslim Eid al-Fitr holiday that marks the end of Ramadan.

A Pakistani man comforts a mourner at the site of a suicide bomb attack in Quetta on August 8, 2013. (AFP Photo / Banaras Khan)

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Comments (2)


Faizan Elahi 08.08.2013 17:00

People carrying these attacks can not be Muslims. No Muslim can ever attack on a funeral.These terrorist have even embedded themselves in security agencies. You know that this attack occurred at a police facility with dozens of policemen guarding the place if none of the police person is involved can it ever happen. Intelligence agencies must get training to dismantle highly sophisticated terrorist network established by by support of Indians and Americans. Question is who will provide this training.
Drone attacks are creating more terrorist than they are killing. Most of the people killed are innocent people


fran7 08.08.2013 13:41

This is a very sad state of affairs and the USA DRONES do not make it any better.

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