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MH370 search: Aussie ocean shield detects possible black box ping

Published time: April 07, 2014 04:38
Edited time: April 07, 2014 10:32
Ocean Shield.(AFP Photo / 
Lsis Bradley Darvill)

Ocean Shield.(AFP Photo / Lsis Bradley Darvill)

An Australian ship has detected signals that might originate from Malaysian Airlines flight 370’s black boxes, in what’s been called the "most promising lead" so far in the search for the missing plane.

Although investigators have stressed that further confirmation is needed, they said signals consistent with the craft’s flight recorders had been recorded in the Indian Ocean on Monday.

“The towed ‘pinger’ locator deployed from the Australian defense vessel Ocean Shield has detected signals consistent with those emitted from aircraft black boxes,’’ said Angus Houston, the former Australian defense chief who is leading the search coordination body, adding that this was the "most promising lead" so far in the search for flight MH370.

Search teams have been scouring the Indian Ocean for a sign of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 plane that disappeared from radars on March 8 with 239 people on board. Malaysian authorities believe the craft crashed into the Indian Ocean after diverting from its intended path of Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

The Australian vessel Ocean Shield picked up the two signals using its towed pinger locator. Houston said that the signals were detected at a depth of 4,500 meters.

"On this occasion two distinct pinger returns were audible. Significantly this would be consistent with transmissions from both the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder," ACM Houston said at a press conference.

This latest signal comes after Chinese and Australian ships detected three different ‘pings’ over the weekend.

Houston said that an autonomous submarine will now be dispatched to comb the seabed for signs of any debris from the plane. However, the submersible has a limit of around 4,510 meters which could potentially complicate the operation.

“This is very deep water - we are right on the edge of capability,” said Houston, emphasizing that more evidence was needed.

Malaysian acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein stated at a press conference on Monday that the authorities were “cautiously hopeful” following the latest developments “that there would be some positive developments in the "next few days if not hours.”

The circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the Malaysian Aircraft on March 8 have given rise to many theories, including a possible hijack. Investigators say the plane changed course before it disappeared and that the inflight communication system was “deliberately disabled” by someone onboard.

In addition, Malaysian authorities have already looked into the possibility that the plane could have slipped under Pakistani radars and landed at a Taliban base close to the border with Afghanistan.

Over two weeks after the Boeing 777 vanished from radar, Malaysian Airlines informed families of the passengers that “beyond any reasonable doubt” flight MH370 had been lost and none of the people on board had survived. The announcement sparked fury amongst aggrieved families in China who accused the Malaysian government of lying to them and purposely hiding the truth. Officials say there were 160 Chinese nationals on the flight.

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rockyh77 21.04.2014 17:59

Blackstone is owned by Rothschild, who finances Soros. Blackstone owns Freescale who had 70 engineers on board, 20 of whom were upper management, 4 of whom were on an un-approved patent. The patent was approved three days after the plane went missing. The patent is for eleven devices at least one of which is for radar cloaking. These devices are worth billions. Every dime of which will go to Freescale and into the pocket of Mr. Rothschild. What are the chances? The plane I believe has been made into a huge bomb and refitted on the border of Pakistan before being moved for long storage into eastern Libya.


JMuhammad 13.04.2014 15:17

Minister Farrakhan: “It very well could be that we have been lied to. But I would rather hold my tongue, because I believe if it is other than what they have said, God will make it manifest, for this is The Day of Truth … The Well-Dressed Lie will be unfrocked and laid bare by The Presence of God.

“The re is no evidence yet that the plane is in the depth of the Indian Ocean. It could be, but there may be another explanation that those knowledgeable ones, that have satellite knowledge of things, are afraid to say what they see, or what they know. So be patient! The Day of Deceit of The Masses is over.”


Blam! 08.04.2014 07:16

This seems a disproportionately angry response. Are you in love with Rosti, Toni? Or are you being paid to diss?

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