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3 killed, many injured in twin terror bombing in Russia's Dagestan

Published time: November 21, 2012 09:30
Edited time: November 21, 2012 14:18
Twin terror bombing in Dagestan targets police: 3 people killed, many injured

Twin terror bombing in Dagestan targets police: 3 people killed, many injured

Two Dagestani police officers and one civilian were killed in successive terrorist bombings in a village in the Russian republic. The second bomb detonated when officers arrived to investigate the scene of the first blast.

The first explosion in the village of Shamilkala rocked a building belonging to a bank at 09:15 Moscow time. The bank branch was closed for reconstruction, and no one was hurt in the attack.

Police arrived to investigate the scene, and at 12:10 a second explosion at the site killed two officers and a civilian, and wounded one person.

A similar attack took place in Dagestan in August. Two gunmen opened fire inside a mosque in the town of Khasavyurt, wounding eight. Police arriving at the site found a powerful explosive planted inside the mosque by the terrorists, who had already fled. A bomb disposal team successfully defused the device.


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