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‘Over 2000 protesters killed in Syria’ - UN

Published time: August 24, 2011 00:24
Edited time: August 24, 2011 07:02

Syria, Jableh: Syrian anti-government protesters wearing masks in the colours of their national flag hold signs calling for an end to the regime's crackdown and asking Arab countries to intervene in order to protect civilians during a demonstration in the coastal town of Jableh on August 19, 2011 as anti-regime rallies flared across the country after the weekly Friday prayers. (AFP Photo)

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The UN is increasing pressure on Syria, where deadly fighting between government forces and protesters has been raging for almost six months now.

The Human Rights Council has ordered an investigation into alleged violations. The UN says that more than 2,000 protesters have been killed during the uprising.

Political analyst Kamel Al Wazne, speaking from Beirut, says the West will use this development to its advantage.

He believes that the situation in Syria is very complicated and the West has been using all possible resources to pressurize the country’s regime.

“We have seen the American sanctions followed by the European sanctions, and now they are using the International Human Rights Council to find violations,” he said.

He alleged that the UN will use this investigation to put more pressure on Syria, as the situation there has been very difficult because of the international interference by Western powers and by some Arab regimes too.

Speaking of the reforms proposed by the Syrian president, Wazne said that “it doesn’t matter what President Assad does in the coming days or months, if he does not control the security in his country, these escalations will continue because somebody is pushing the people from the outside, and telling them ‘Do as much damage as you can.’ It is the West that is actually helping to destabilize Syria.”


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