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​Kings’ quarrel: Gulf monarchies withdraw ambassadors to Qatar over security deal

Published time: March 05, 2014 10:38
A general view shows Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) ministerial meeting at Bayan Royal Palace in Kuwait city on November 27,2013.(AFP Photo / Yasser AL-Zayyat)

A general view shows Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) ministerial meeting at Bayan Royal Palace in Kuwait city on November 27,2013.(AFP Photo / Yasser AL-Zayyat)

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have announced withdrawal of respective ambassadors to Qatar over its failure to implement an agreement between Gulf monarchies not to interfere in each other’s internal affairs.

The three nations will take steps to “ensure internal stability and security,” they said in a joint statement on Wednesday.

The move comes after a late Tuesday meeting in Riyadh of foreign ministers from six members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which also includes Kuwait and Oman.

GCC countries "have exerted massive efforts to contact Qatar on all levels to agree on a unified policy... to ensure non-interference, directly or indirectly, in the internal affairs of any member state," the statement said.

The diplomatic demarche comes over the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist organization, which Qatar supports, but which is banned in most Gulf States.

The anti-Brotherhood stance of the UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia was highlighted recently after they pledged billions of dollars in aid to Egypt following a military coup which ousted a Muslim Brotherhood president from power.

The division in the GCC over the issue sparked last month, when Abu Dhabi summoned the Qatari ambassador to the UAE, Faris Nuaimi to protest statements made by the Doha-based religious cleric Yusuf Qaradawi, who has close ties with the Qatari royal family. He spoke in support of the Muslim Brotherhood and against the UAE’s persecution of it.

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George Rizk 06.03.2014 15:27

I was watching an Egyptian talk show as the host was saying about the militant Islamic movement: we are all Muslims, but these fanatics are telling us that we are godless because we don't grow beards. So, if we all grow beards, there will be more fanatics telling us that we are all godless because we don't marry 9 years old girls! There is no limit to extremism, because it is a way to get and hold on power. Just claim god ordered so, and so in a religiously crazy society, and no one can dare to question you.

The rag-heads in general are the image of backwardness since such fashion was last seen on Jesus Christ!


RebornAc3 05.03.2014 12:54

Al-Qaeda groups fight among themselves even though they have one master, now even Arab countries are fighting among themselves - that's a treat!


Mark 05.03.2014 10:58

Two equally evil oil sheikdoms.

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