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UK Queen gets £5m ‘pay rise’ as public cuts strike populace

Published time: April 03, 2013 13:17
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II.(AFP Photo / Will Oliver)

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II.(AFP Photo / Will Oliver)

The British taxpayer funding for the queen has peaked at 36.1 million pounds (US$54.6 million), rising 5 million pounds from the previous year. The new Sovereign Grant replaces previous separate grants, rolling them into one large subsidy.

It will be used to maintain palaces as the country faces cuts.

The Sovereign Grant, used to finance royal duties and transportation, pay staff and maintain palaces, has had the publically-funded boost, topping last year’s sum of 31 million pounds - despite the fact that last year an extra 1 million pounds was allotted for the Diamond Jubilee celebration.

The money will cover the year 2013/2014, and the new financial year will begin on Monday.  Official expenditure increased slightly from 32.1 million pounds in 2010/11 to 32.3 million pounds in 2011/12.

The Sovereign Grant is a replacement for the old UK funding system for the monarchy. Previously, the civil list, and ‘grants in aid’ funded the Queen’s transport and duties separately.

The new rise means funds equate to 15 per cent of the profits of the Crown Estate – the body that oversees the administration of the Queen’s properties.

The Crown Estate's 2011/12 accounts show that profits of 240.2 million were reaped from its properties that year. It is one of the largest property owners in the UK.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II (R) smiles as she walks past Yeomen of the Guard after attending the Maundy service at Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford, on March 28, 2013.(AFP Photo / Kirsty Wigglesworth)

A spokesperson for the UK monarchy defended the increase, saying that in real terms, the grant is 15 per cent less than expenditure five years ago.

Some 10 million pounds is contributed towards paying the salaries of the queen's staff, including footmen and chefs. However there has been a freeze on their wages in place for a number of years.

On Monday, a series of welfare reforms began to be implemented by the UK government, in the hope of cutting 2 billion pounds from the budget.

Some 660,000 people dependent on social housing because of low incomes will lose, on average, over 700 pounds per year through the introduction of 'bedroom tax' - a cut to government-funded support payments, should the occupant of a house have a 'spare' room.

A minimum council tax payment will has additionally been broadly imposed, negatively affecting those on low incomes too.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II meets with staff during a tour of the new Royal London Hospital building in London on February 27, 2013.(AFP Photo / Ian Gavan)

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Jock Fuller 11.06.2014 00:07

We need to keep giving her more money. Look i know she isn't really every bodies favorite figure head what with her vast political power that was cast upon her at birth (seriously, how is this a good idea?) but the queen has had a pretty long run.
She probably hasn't been shown a good time for a decent while and when she could easily clock off at any given moment its only fair that we let her enjoy what little life she has left.
Have you looked at how much prostitutes cost these days!? It seems to be that it simply costs too much for a royal to get their rocks off.


Arcene Cotterell 11.10.2013 13:17

[quote name='Welsh not British' time='29.06.2013 09:15']"I wouldn't give a toss because it's not in my country. I do however object to subjugation and oppression my country faces as a result of this old hag and her government."[/q uote]

I'm Welsh as well and have never been oppressed by "this old hag and her government". Simple truth is the income received by the Welsh assembly from the UK government far exceeds the taxes generated by the Welsh economy. We would be screwed without them.


Welsh not British 29.06.2013 09:15

"How would you feel about Windsor Castle being turned into a leisure complex or Buckingham palace being divided and sold off as apartments to rich Arabs?"

I wouldn't give a toss because it's not in my country. I do however object to subjugation and oppression my country faces as a result of this old hag and her government.

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