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Crazy are the cheesemakers: Russian workers swimming in milk vat stir media scandal

Published time: March 26, 2014 19:03
Image from Vkontakte user Виталий Славин

Image from Vkontakte user Виталий Славин

Russian cheesemakers have sparked a glut of scandalous media reports and strong condemnation online as pictures showing naked men swimming in milk hit the web. Said to be just a joke, the incident has now curdled into serious consumer complaints.

The photos and also another video posted online have become grounds for an unscheduled inspection at the cheese factory, in the Siberian city of Omsk. Consumers are accusing the dairy factory of contaminating the cheese.

Artem Romanov, allegedly one of the workers, created an album on his VKontakte social network account. Titled “In fact our job is very boring))))))” the albums contained a bunch of photos, showing him and his male colleagues all reclining naked together in a large vat of milk.

Image from Vkontakte user Виталий Славин

It appears the cheesemakers were taking part in a celebration. According to one version, they were seeing in the New Year’s holiday, but a spokeswoman for Russia’s state consumer rights watchdog, Rospotrebnadzor, said it was one of the men’s birthday.

Image from Vkontakte user Виталий Славин

However, the date and time when the pictures were uploaded – on the evening of December, 31, 2013 – backs up the idea that the men were celebrating New Year’s.

In any case, they cavorted around in the milk while taking selfies. Now the original images have been deleted from the VKontakte social network, but the wave of reprints and comments has spread like a knife through butter.

Some internet users shared the news reports with the words: “Now we know why the cheese is so salty.”

It turns out that Romanov had previously posted other bizarre photos of near-naked men at the factory, also making cheese, on his VKontakte account.

Earlier he posted a video, apparently from the same factory, showing almost naked men preparing dried braid cheese with their bare hands, and for some reason, on the floor.

Local news portal SuperOmsk asked the cheese manufacturer to verify if the room shown in the photos is in its factory. So far the producer, Cheese Trade House, has refused to comment.

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Alex Muravlev 28.03.2014 15:19

Damiano Panzera 27.03.2014 13:20

The funny thing is that russian are orthodox, so they dont celebrate the new year at 31 december bit 15 days later. Enough said


The y celebrate New Year from the 31th of December to 8th of January.Russian x-mas is 7th of January.
And all this time is official holidays. Noone works.
The old new year is the holiday, origins of which noone knows, except of historicans,religion fanatics or well-educated persons,who are the bit-part of society. So the main is 31th December.Soviets tried to erase knowledge of others. So it is way to be free of work or get drunk.


Judy Allbright 28.03.2014 07:56

Now we know where formunda cheese comes from.


teamcavalier 27.03.2014 19:09

Damiano Panzera 27.03.2014 13:20

The funny thing is that russian are orthodox, so they dont celebrate the new year at 31 december bit 15 days later. Enough said


Har Har, shows what you know. The biggest New Year's celebration is on December 31st/January 1st. The "Old New Year" you are referring to is on January 7th. Russians like to celebrate as many holidays as possible during this time of year, regardless of their religion! I mean c'mon, who doesn't like cheese balls???

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