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Advanced system to guard Russia from hi-tech surveillance, drone attacks

Published time: November 18, 2013 03:23
Edited time: November 18, 2013 04:25

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Russia’s Defense Ministry has received the top-notch anti-radar system Krasukha-4. The system is designed to guard against aircraft-based electronic surveillance - including that carried out by drones.

Bryansk electromechanical plant has delivered 1RL257 Krasukha-4 broadband multifunctional jamming stations to the defense ministry, RIA Novosti reported on Sunday, citing a spokesman from the Radioelectronic Technologies group.

The stations, which will complement Krasukha-2 units already in use by the Russian army, will provide the military with powerful radar jamming capability.

While technical details of the units have remained top-secret, sources cited by Russian media have described the system as “unique.”

Krasukha-4 is able to effectively shield objects on the ground against radio-locating surveillance satellites, ground-based radars, or aircraft-installed Airborne Warning and Control Systems (AWACS), a source with knowledge of the system told Izvestiya.

The protective jamming shield may span up to a 300-kilometer radius, he said.

Moreover, interference caused by Krasukha-4 will render radio-controlled missile attacks ineffective. The system has been designed to counter attacks from enemies possessing advanced technologies, the source added.

More specifically, the new Russian system has been described as a tool against “flying radars,” such as the USAF E-8 Joint STARS aircraft, or reconnaissance satellites - like the United States’ Lacrosse satellite - and a means of protection against surveillance and combat unmanned aerial vehicles, otherwise known as drones.

Media sources named the Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk and the General Atomics MQ-1 Predator as drones which Krasukha-4 could guard ground objects and troops against.

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Nikolay Rezvov 17.12.2013 09:05

Wake up Europeans!!! You have no leaders!!! Bankers are your leaders!!! And they don't care about you diying, because when you die they will make money out of it like they did in WW1 and WW2 .


Nikolay Rezvov 17.12.2013 09:03

samuel garcia irizarry 16.12.2013 22:34

I won't surprised if the Russians pre-emps those missile shield bases.


We ll the Polish and the other anti- Russian countries must think before letting Americans deploy tactical nukes/anti nukes on their land... Especially when this is on a Russian border .
At the end of the day Europeans are to naive . It's better to assess the risks of building agressive military bases at the Russian borders.
These few Patriot's are nothing agains a nuke. When America initiates the war all the Polish ,Lithuanian etc. will be used as meat vs Russia.


Sashka26FW 16.12.2013 20:13

this is where its at.. the whole technological war will be in radio-jamming and radio-locating sphere.. Russia knows what they are doing.. just as they had T-34 prepared in total secret just in case nazis would go on a rampage Russia has same surprises for fascist NATO if such tremendous mistake of modern day nazis is made to assault Russia..

God bless Russia.. one of rare nations that is decent and not part of Satan minions of Central banks and Zionists who are making a mockery of humanity..

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