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Russian ski cross Komissarova undergoes surgery after back injury

Published time: February 15, 2014 17:20
Maria Komissarova.(Reuters / Mike Blake)

Maria Komissarova.(Reuters / Mike Blake)

Russian ski cross racer Maria Komissarova has undergone successful surgery on her back after being seriously injured during training on Saturday, according to officials.

The 23 year old suffered an injury during training on Saturday at the PSX Olympic ski cross venue at Rosa Khutor Extreme Park, said the Russian Freestyle Federation in a statement earlier in the day. She was taken to Krasnaya Polyana Hospital where the doctors “took the decision to operate on her on the spot."

The injury was a fracture of the spine with a dislocation said team head of press Mikhail Verzhba as cited by R-Sport, adding that the surgery was a success and lasted six and a half hours.

Komissarova’s condition is very serious, but stable, the federation said, adding that the athlete might need another surgery.

The athlete will not take part in the rest of the Games, according to the federation’s statement.

The head of the freestyle team Natalia Corona earlier explained how the athlete got the injury.

“She fell on the ‘waves’. This is not the hardest part of the route. Apparently, the athlete was preparing for more complex elements, relaxed and got injured on relatively simple ones.”

The ski cross course at Extreme Park is a medium-pitch 1,200 meter slope with cambered turns, gap jumps, drops and flat sections.

"Ski cross is a sport with a certain risk, you will never be able to exclude any kind of risk," said IOC President Thomas Bach earlier on Saturday.

"We feel very sorry for the athlete. We are in contact with the hospital. What we know is that she is under surgery right now. We hope that the operation will be successful and that she will be back."

Bach said he believed the accident had nothing to do with the infrastructure of the Olympic park.

"The first information is that it was nothing to do with the infrastructure, the snow conditions. It was in a training session and this unfortunate incident happened.”

The women's ski cross competition will be held on February 21, and due to the incident the Russian team will be presented by Anastasia Chirtsova and Julia Livinskaya.

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jerebroome 16.02.2014 16:50

Keithakov Mossalov 16.02.2014 06:12

Dur ing the game is a valid goal withheld from the Russians, the shootout would not be neccecary at all.
I smell a rat.


“We contacted the Sochi refereeing supervisors following the game, and took the moment apart frame by frame. The decision cannot be questioned,” said legendary goalkeeper and head of Russian Hockey Federation Vladislav Tretyak. “However much we wish it was otherwise.”


jerebroome 16.02.2014 05:08

The best part was seeing Putin's face when the shoot-out ended. His look was like the "good ole days" when the KGB took out athletes for bad performances. I'll bet he was missing his early years at that moment. He has taken out many for less.


jerebroome 16.02.2014 04:53

Keith Moss 15.02.2014 21:24

Russia won the game, but the USA have the points and will go through.
One very clear goal is stolen from the Russian team. I wonder who is behind this cheating.


LOL, you should do Vegas, you're such a comedian. The US won in an eight round shoot-out. Great game. Either team could have won and BOTH had chances that didn't come to pass in regulation.

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