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Skinny Puppy band demands $666,000 for music used in Gitmo torture

Published time: February 07, 2014 15:11
Skinny Puppy performing live at the London Astoria
(image from Flickr
by user zimpenfish)

Skinny Puppy performing live at the London Astoria (image from Flickr by user zimpenfish)

Canadian electro-industrial band, Skinny Puppy, has invoiced the US government for $666,000, after its music was used at the Guantanamo Bay prison facility as an instrument of torture.

The band says its music has been played at the Guantanamo base in Cuba as part of the interrogation process for detainees. The facility was set up in 2002, in the wake of the 9/11 US terrorist attacks.

“We sent them an invoice for our musical services considering they had gone ahead and used our music without our knowledge and used it as an actual weapon against somebody,” keyboardist Cevin Key told CTV News.

“I am not only against the fact they're using our music to inflict damage on somebody else, but they are doing it without anybody's permission,” he added.

Key had ‘insider knowledge’ regarding the usage of his music, learning from a fan who also served as a guard at the prison camp that the music had been used. After sending the documents to the Pentagon, Key said that they are even contemplating the possibility of a lawsuit.

A US military spokesperson told the BBC on Wednesday that it had not – at that point – received an invoice.

The US military has fallen under sharp criticism for its ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ employed at the facility.

Among more serious methods such as waterboarding, which was classified as torture by United Nations special rapporteur on torture, Juan Mendez, in 2010 – it has also been reported that the US military has been blasting other loud bands into the cells of detainees – including Metallica, Nine Inch Nails – but also Queen and Sesame Street.

A 2006 anonymous interview with US service staff showed that it was Metallica that had become their band of choice “to soften up” suspects before an interrogation.

“If there are people that are dumb enough to use Metallica to interrogate prisoners, you're forgetting about all the music that's to the left of us. I can name, you know, thirty Norwegian death metal bands that would make Metallica sound like Simon & Garfunkel,” retorted a defensive Lars Ulrich, the drummer for the band.

A US Army general who allegedly authorized the practice of blasting loud music into cells said it would “create fear, disorient... and prolong capture shock,” according to the Associated Press.

January 11 marked twelve years since the first detainees arrived at the camp, prompting US human rights activists to march on the White House, citing the need for the facility’s closure.

Out of 779 detainees held at Guantanamo in the past 12 years, only 7 have actually been convicted and sentenced. Frustration with the indefinite detention was at the core of last year’s massive and months-long hunger strike, which was initially sparked by accusations that guards had interfered with the inmates’ personal belongings; this included the mishandling of Korans.

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Adam Baum 08.02.2014 14:52



Mats Lindblad 08.02.2014 12:04

So you don't get the actual message from Skinny Puppy here? It's a statement. The money is not important, it's just a way of protesting.
For me it's a protest against Guantanamo as well as the insane fines people get for illegal downloads. The government should pay for playing music for a crowd as much as any radio station and DJ have to.


Ephraiyim ben Yisrael 07.02.2014 22:01

Joshua 07.02.2014 15:26

Money is the root of all evil.


Jo shua-If you are going to express an opinion at least see to it that your quotes are correct.
"[ 1Ti 6:10 ASV] For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil:"
It really lends no credence to your arguments if you fail to make said arguments succinctly. I also makes you look rather like someone who just doesn't get it.
Please try to do better in future for all our sakes. Thanks

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