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S. Africa evacuation plan: White Afrikaner group fears genocide upon Mandela’s death

Published time: October 25, 2013 05:46

Head of Suidlanders' emergency planning Coenie Maree. Still from RT video

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A section of the white population in South Africa is preparing for the worst scenario in case aging former South African President Nelson Mandela passes away. The national evacuation plan over possible genocide was drafted almost a decade ago.

Since Mandela’s was elected South Africa’s first black president in 1994 after spending 27 years in prison for actively opposing the segregationist policies of apartheid in the country, Afrikaners say over 3,000 white farmers have been murdered in revenge for the suppression enforced by its own National Party. Afrikaners say the government has never shown much desire to investigate the deaths.

And now as Mandela is in and out of hospital at age 95, Afrikaners and their supporters are preparing for the worst upon his death.

The Suidlanders is a right-wing group spread across the country devising a national evacuation plan should violence occur.

“We have the guidance, love and mercy of an Almighty Father, who supports us in the execution of His mission,” the group says on its website. “Therefore, the Suidlanders stand grateful, humble and prepared with faith, hope and love for our people, for a period of anarchy.”

They say they have thousands of groups meeting on a regular basis to support members “spiritually, emotionally and with practical assistance in preparing for times of emergency.”

South African President Nelson Mandela takes the oath 10 May 1994 during his inauguration at the Union Building in Pretoria. (AFP Photo)

“We have been planning for eight years,” head of emergency planning Coenie Maree told RT. “It started simple, the idea was to give people an option. We’ve divided the country into 27 provinces and divided those further into groups. Each group has its own plan.”

There are around three million Afrikaners across South Africa who are descendants of primarily northern Europeans who arrived in the country three to four centuries ago.

Genocide Watch, an organization that analyzes conditions around the world that could result in mass murder, puts Afrikaners’ risk of slaughter at level six or “preparation” stages, one level away from killings.

Gustav Muller and his team preparing for the worst are afraid level seven could start any moment. A former intelligence officer in the South African army, he says it was simple to read the warning signs.

“We are believers, and in our Bible, it says if you notice warning signs, you must convey it,” Muller told RT. “If you don’t, you will have blood on your hands.”

Last year, South African President Jacob Zuma antagonized Afrikaners when he sang a song referencing revenge against whites in a public sing-along. “You are a Boer (white man), we are going to hit them….” Zuma sang, with a group.

The Jonck family, South African Afrikaners, pose front of their house on April 17, 2013 in Orania. Orania is a South Africa's only "purely" white town founded in the Northern Cape province in 1991 by Afrikaners, for Afrikaners opposed to the post-apartheid "rainbow nation", just after the release of Nelson Mandela. (AFP Photo)

Muller, a leader of the Suidlanders movement, has helped establish a countrywide operation with more than a hundred safe areas.

When the alert is given, people across the country will be notified by SMS, and they will go to a pre-arranged meeting point from where they will travel by convoy to the safe areas.

“The death of Nelson Mandela is a risk scenario,” Muller said. “He is a political icon and his passing could see violence flaring up again.”

Some 800,000 white, mostly Afrikaans- speaking South Africans are supporting the pre-planning. Many are collecting goods and emergency provisions for the day they get the word.

Watch RT’s Paula Slier’s report for more.

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Bagger Boer 09.03.2014 13:07

Are they stil there? :)


Keller Josef 07.03.2014 04:27

it's not racism , it is criminality . Instead of leaving,planing to leave etc. I would join in on the war against criminality. Life goes on in SA .


Katrien Snyman 11.02.2014 09:59

well you think you trap we are trap and we just want peace on this we get killed,raped and the stealing is getting worse.we just want to live in peace,yeah what happen earlier in our fathers ect now we must suffer and take the punishment for it.why cant we live in peace.there is good black people and also bad white people out there and a shame to live in south-africa but why cant we as humans make it better and teach our children the right thing and live in peace and make this world a better place.why do we have to been killed,raped ect.

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