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Suspected Georgian war crimes uncovered by the BBC

Published time: October 29, 2008 18:31
Edited time: October 29, 2008 18:31

The British Broadcasting Corporation is reporting that it has obtained evidence suggesting that Georgia may have committed war crimes during its attack on South Ossetia in August. The BBC says it gathered the evidence during the first unrestricted visit t

Describing Georgia’s military assault as ‘reckless’, UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband said he had raised the ‘war crimes’ allegations with the government in Tbilisi.

The Georgian President, Mikhail Saakashvili, has denied that the Georgian army committed war crimes during its 5-day conflict with South Ossetian forces backed by the Russian military.

BBC correspondent Tim Whewell said in a radio programme that witnesses told him that Georgian soldiers shelled South Ossetian houses and targeted civilians trying to flee the fighting.
Whewell added that an international investigative organisation, Human Rights Watch, had also found evidence of the indiscriminate use of military force by the Georgian military.

To learn more about the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict please visit our Ossetian war section

Georgia falls down on press freedom – report



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