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Syrian schools to offer Russian as second foreign language

Published time: January 07, 2014 01:26
Students attend a class at a school in Aleppo's Bustan al-Qasr (Reuters/Mahmoud Hassano)

Students attend a class at a school in Aleppo's Bustan al-Qasr (Reuters/Mahmoud Hassano)

Syrian government announced it will be offering Russian as a second foreign language in schools starting with the fifth grade.

The new decision was posted on Syria’s ministry of education website. Fifth graders will have the choice between Russian and French as part of their secondary school curriculum.

The language was chosen because of "sympathies to Russia, from the interest to its great culture,” according to the ministry.

“All necessary preparations for the launching of the Russian language programme at Syrian schools will be completed by the next academic year,” Itar-Tass quoted Minister of Education Hazwan Wazz as saying.

Russia and Syria share strong and stable historic ties, especially in regards to military and economic cooperation.

In fact, more than 20,000 families in Syria are mixed with at least one Russian parent. At the same time, more than one generation of Syrians received their post-secondary education in the former Soviet Union and Russia.

From the military perspective, the Syrian port of Tartus hosts Russia’s only Mediterranean naval base. The base was established by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. In addition, Syria has purchased military equipment from Russia.

Economic cooperation has also been significant between the two nations. Russia’s exports manufactured goods to Syria, along with investments in Syrian infrastructure, energy and tourism industries.

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rogirl 07.01.2014 09:14

This makes sense from a cultural, geographical, economical educational and political point of view. Also Russia's star is on the ascent and as a member of BRICS is truly a winner worth backing. Mandarin could be made the third language in Syria to give even a broader base to ties with the East.


M Canthama 07.01.2014 08:54

I agree with 83ny, this is a nice way to say thank you from Syria to Russia's political hand in this whole conflict, strong culture ties will always lead for further partnership. May the Syrian people see peace soon after the SAA's elimination of the western backed terrorists.


Anna 07.01.2014 05:06

Really, tdilla? …he (Putin) will simply squeeze him (Assad or the Syrian people) like a washcloth until there's nothing left? The same way as Zionist Jews squeeze Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan and other countries with the help of that Nobel Peace Prize winner? Are you mad because Syrians want to learn Russian or because they don’t want to be a part of “Greater Israel” (which is the Zionist Plan for the Middle East)? I see… When people stand up against Jew World Order like Syria and Iran tdillas and jews splutter in outrage…..

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