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'Happy Birthday Mark!' Syrian Electronic Army hacks into Facebook's domain

Published time: February 06, 2014 00:37
Edited time: February 06, 2014 02:14
Screenshot from

Screenshot from

The Syrian Electronic Army - a hacker group supportive of Syrian President Bashar Assad - claimed Wednesday that it managed to hack into Facebook, just in time for the social network's tenth anniversary.

The hackers first claimed to subvert in a tweet published at approximately 6:30 EST. A cursory search of the WHOIS domain registrar indicated that the email address tied to Facebook had indeed been changed to a Syrian gmail account.

The SEA claimed it was able to change Facebook's servers but the process had to be abandoned because it was “taking too much time.” The alleged hack did not impact Facebook's operations.

Half an hour after the SEA tweet, the domain name returned to, indicating that Facebook and MarkMonitor - a domain management firm - had rectified the error and prevented any serious impact.

In August 2013, amid US consideration that it would join the ongoing Syrian civil war and attempt to remove Assad from power, the SEA hacked The Huffington Post, The New York Times, and other news entities the hackers perceived to be hostile towards Assad.

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Craig Walden 07.02.2014 02:12

I won't repeat what Bernie has said but i totally concur.However,i will say that people that believe all this anti Russian propaganda that our western media constantly shows us are fools. Our Governments have been acting like tyrants illegally invading countries on false pretences,killing innocent people with drones,drone strikes on an independent sovereign country is an act of war.And the Russians?well they have been showing great diplomacy to avoid yet another illegal war by the USA in Syria,protecting Edward Snowdon from his own Government for telling the truth.Russia is now more democratic than the USA.


The Monk 06.02.2014 21:59

I find it odd that there is a huge out cry from RT and their apologist posters every time the USA has used a pin point drone attack against Taliban terrorists. This happens while there is silence here on the Syrian government's latest weapon of choice...the barrel bomb. It does not discriminate between Rebels, women and children.
It seems that Kremlin politics trumps Innocent lives every time on RT.


StimpyNZ 06.02.2014 19:14

to the Syrian electronic army.

well done lads keep up the good work.

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