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Syrian Electronic Army hacks TIME magazine over Assad

Published time: November 29, 2013 21:18
Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.(AFP Photo / SANA)

Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.(AFP Photo / SANA)

The hacktivist pro-Assad group known as the “Syrian Electronic Army” (SEA) briefly hijacked the Twitter feeds of TIME magazine in response to a critical description of President Assad’s candidacy for its ‘Person of the year’ award.

The SEA has tweeted from TIME’s official account: "Syrian Electronic Army was here via @Official_SEA16. Next time write a better word about the Syrian president #SEA”.

That tweet was soon deleted.

The group referred to TIME’s list of people – politicians and celebrities – selected as potential winners for “Person of the Year,” the magazine’s annual award.

Syrian President Bashar Assad is one of the candidates, while the magazine describes him as: “Syria’s ruler presided over a bloody year, shrugging off international concerns over the use of chemical weapons as the death toll of his country’s civil war eclipsed 100,000.”

The voting closes on December, 4, with TIME's Person of the Year to be announced on December 11.

The SEA also claimed interfering with the vote on the US magazine’s webpage.

TIME is not the first target of the notorious hacktivist group. The SEA, a group of hackers sympathetic to the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad, also claimed responsibility for cyber-attacks on The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post and Thomson Reuters.

In April, they also compromised the main Twitter account for the Associated Press. As a result of the online attack, the Associated Press – one of the most trusted sources for journalists – falsely reported that US President Obama had been injured in a surprise attack on the White House, causing a brief panic online and even causing the stock market to fall by over 150 points.

Screenshot from

The SEA also defaced a US Marine Corps recruitment website on September 2, posting images of US soldiers holding messages of contempt regarding possible American involvement in Syria.

Following that attack, the Federal Bureau of Investigation added the SEA to its list of wanted criminals.

The Syrian Electronic army, a pro-regime hacker group that emerged during Syrian anti-government protests in 2011, has been compromising high-profile media outlets in an effort to spread pro-regime propaganda,” the FBI advisory stated. “The SEA’s primary capabilities include spearphishing, web defacements, and hijacking social media accounts to spread propaganda."

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charkas7 21.03.2014 15:42

But i have to say, part of your claim is also stating the fact that you animals have killed many many arabs.... kudos to you. Come judgment day, you will see you people were chosen, but went astray... just like under every prophet in the past....


charkas7 21.03.2014 15:41

Judging by your name, you are Jewish... Unfortunatley, you people haven't learned lessions from World War II. and do you really think it is just that easy for Israel to blow up the President's Palace in Damascus. Granted, Israelis are in over 400 UN violations, but that never stopped you animals before, but with him staying, he guarantees a fight for the Golan. Unlike you're proxies, the rebels, who receive weapons from the US and Saudia.... Bashar fights to keep Syria secular.


Albert Venti 17.03.2014 10:15

I am incline to agree with the Chuck Smith opinion-Just like Jesse Ventura is a CIA op.

Why would Assad want to test the USA? even with the Russian/USA-EU debaucle I doubt Assad wants to push back aka Sadam...

oh well let us sit back and see what Mr Putin will do and what Mr Bama will not do.

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