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Protester killed in Turkey clashes (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Published time: March 13, 2014 04:10

Anti-government protesters stand behind a barricade that they set on fire during a demonstration in Ankara March 12, 2014.(Reuters / Umit Bektas)

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A protester has been killed in violent clashes with police in Turkey. The country is witnessing a wave of unrest following the death of a 15-year-old who was shot by a tear-gas canister by police last summer and died in hospital after 269 days in a coma.

One protester in Istanbul died of a head injury after police cracked down on a crowd allegedly attacking police on Wednesday evening.

“There were two groups attacking the police and one youth suffered a head injury ... and lost his life,” Aziz Babuscu, the ruling AK Party's Istanbul provincial head, told CNN Turk TV.

Riot policemen run after anti-government protesters near Taksim square in Istanbul March 12, 2014.(Reuters / Osman Orsal)

Turkey is gripped by unrest following the death of 15-year old Berkin Elvan who was injured in anti-government protests last summer.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators, many chanting political slogans, gathered for Elvan’s funeral on Wednesday in Istanbul. The crowd was also chanting "Tayyip! Killer!" Earlier on Wednesday, a group of Turkish activists hacked into the Twitter account of a top adviser to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, posting messages like “We know who Elvan’s killer is.”

Riot police fire tear gas to disperse anti-government protesters during a demonstration in Istanbul March 12, 2014.(Reuters / Murad Sezer )

Police deployed water cannons to block the crowd from marching to the central Taksim square. Tear gas and rubber bullets were shot to disperse the people while police in riot gear chased scattered protesters into the side streets.

Fireworks thrown by anti-government protesters explode near riot policemen during a demonstration in Istanbul March 12, 2014. (Reuters / Murad Sezer )

On Wednesday, police also clashed with demonstrators in several other Turkish cities as protesters flooded the streets in acts of civil disobedience across the country. More demonstrations are planned to ratchet up pressure on Prime Minister Erdogan in the run up to the March 30 election.

An anti-government protester wearing a Guy Fawkes mask stands with others behind a barricade that they set on fire during a demonstration in Ankara March 12, 2014. (Reuters / Umit Bektas)

Erdogan, who has remained silent on Elvan's death, said that holding massive streets protests 18 days before elections was against the spirit of democracy.

“Does democracy come with Molotov cocktails?,” Erdogan told throngs of cheering supporters at a campaign rally in the southeastern city of Siirt, as cited by Reuters.

“The path of democracy is the ballot box. If you have the power, go to the ballot box,” he said.

An armoured police vehicle drives through a barricade on fire during a demonstration in Ankara March 12, 2014. (Reuters / Umit Bektas)

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Kenan Pasha 14.03.2014 12:55

the video contains bad language .it is ordinary protest thoses u may ecounter in many countries .west press specially cnn int. exaggrates this movements as if such a protests never take place in own except Rt.


slovenka 13.03.2014 19:40

I thing yes, they (Yanks) support turkish PM (politicaly) from the beginning, but with the economic growth in Turkey he started be naughty and cultivate own personality cult. They need servile, stupid and poor people and countries around them. I don´t want to sey they Erdoan is flawless.


umut 13.03.2014 15:51

Turkey has a government which has been supported by the west since the very beginning. Comparing the attitude of the EU and the US toward Ukrainian crisis with their reaction to the events in Turkey , anyone could see that latter one is quite mild and they have not withdrawn their support from Erdogan. Moreover Turkish opposition movement is traditionally distant to west and anti-imperialist sentiments are quite strong among people who have been supporting anti-Erdogan struggle.

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