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Latin America needs to be ‘liberated’ from Twitter - Venezuelan president

Published time: November 03, 2013 03:43
Edited time: November 04, 2013 17:19
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (AFP Photo / Leo Ramirez)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (AFP Photo / Leo Ramirez)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has called for the liberation of Latin America from Twitter, arguing that the American company attacked 6,600 accounts, including his own.

"We must achieve independence, and we have to think about deep and radical ways we can free ourselves from these multinational corporations that have monopolized social networks,” Maduro told ministers at a Saturday meeting, referencing Twitter.

"Let's prepare ourselves to liberate ourselves from you," Maduro said, proposing a fight against the popular microblog together with Mercosur (the ‘Common Market of the South’), Unasur (Union of South American Nations) and ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas), a group of leftist allies of Venezuela.

According to a Thursday statement from the president, Maduro’s Twitter account was attacked to spark unrest and suspend the upcoming December 8 elections.

Communications Minister Delsy Rodriguez stated that nearly 6,600 of the leader’s Twitter followers disappeared from the president's account within 10 minutes. No details were provided regarding the time of the attack. As of Friday, Maduro had 1.4 million followers. 

The opposition has been criticizing the president for obsessing over social media and not paying enough attention to the country’s economic problems.

Since his election as Venezuelan president in April, Maduro has spoken about a number of alleged plots against his government - including five attempts on his life.

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Paul Barbara 09.11.2013 00:16

Not without cause do the Iranians call the US the 'Great Satan'. In reality, the string-pulling Banksters and others are true Satanists, who have sold their souls.
And the US said that Venezuela should have a recount of every vote in the last Venezuelan election! Have they forgotten that the Supreme Court, in a totally illegal exercise, stopped the recount in Florida, stealing the election for Bush (his other 'election' was also stolen, through rigged Diebold electronic voting machines.


Paul Barbara 09.11.2013 00:14

Also, the US has leased 7 bases in Columbia, reactivated the 4th Fleet in 2008, which had been 'mothballed' after WWII, and stepped up NATO operations and provocations from the Dutch East Indies.
While they pour tax dollars into destabilisations and wars, they poison the world with Chemtrails, GMO's, and 'Fracking'; cause untold loss of life and damage through weather manipulation (check out: 'Angels Still Don't Play This HAARP'). (continued)


Paul Barbara 09.11.2013 00:13

With millions out of work and on food stamps, the disgusting corporate 'government' of the US spends tax-payers money destabilising Venezuela and other countries that try to stop the US and other multinationals from robbing them blind.
In 2000, Nick Rockefeller told Aaron Russo that after invading Afghanistan and Iraq, and opening the 'War on Terror', the US would deal with Venezuela (see 'Aaron Russo - Historic Interview').
The y are busy destabilising Venezuela now; see Venezuela Analysis: 'USAID, Uribe and Venezuelan Opposition Plotting Violence, Sabotage and Scarcity; According to Leaked Document'.
(cont inued)

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