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Ukraine pays Russia for gas, avoids cut off

Published time: June 06, 2009 02:15
Edited time: June 06, 2009 02:15

Ukraine’s “Naftogaz” company has paid its bill for Russian natural gas supplied in May. This happened just three days before the deadline set by Gazprom.

The press secretary for “Naftogaz”, Valentin Zemlyansky, made the announcement on Friday.

"The required sum has been entered into Gazprom accounts," he told ITAR-TASS.

Gazprom has not yet confirmed it received the $646 million for the shipments.

“Naftogaz” CEO Oleg Dubina had previously said that his company would pay on time for the natural gas it received in May

Earlier, president Viktor Yushchenko announced he ordered a national currency release totaling some 500 million dollars.

Russian Prime Minister Putin has warned Ukraine that if it doesn't settle its bills on time, it would have to pre-pay for future gas shipments.