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UN condemns Christmas Eve demolitions of Palestinian homes by Israel

Published time: December 26, 2013 04:21
Edited time: December 27, 2013 09:28
Father and child amongst their belongings following the demolition. Image from UNRWA

Father and child amongst their belongings following the demolition. Image from UNRWA

The UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for Palestinian refugees has condemned Israel's demolition of Palestinian Bedouin dwellings in the West Bank, calling for an immediate halt.

"UNRWA condemns the latest demolitions in the West Bank, which displaced 68 people, the most recent of which occurred on Christmas Eve," spokesman Chris Gunness said in a statement.

“The demolitions took place in Ein Ayoub near Ramallah and Fasayil al-Wusta near Jericho in the Jordan valley with 61 persons displaced in Ein Ayoub, and seven persons, all refugees, displaced in Fasayil al-Wusta," Gunness said. He added that 32 of those displaced were children, "including a five year old girl who is paralyzed from the waist down."

“In addition, some 750 head of sheep and goats are without shelter at this crucial lambing season,” he said.

Gunness stated that at least 663 Palestinian buildings - including 259 homes - have been demolished, and 1,103 Palestinians have been displaced in the West Bank and East Jerusalem this year.

The spokesman urged Israel to obey international laws and halt demolitions.

A Bedouin refugee child standing on the site of his demolished home. Image from UNRWA

Israel maintains that it only dismantles buildings that were put up without permission. But Palestinians say they are almost never granted permits.

The UN has continuously spoken out against demolitions in the West Bank. Earlier in December, the United Nations decried Israel’s decision to destroy over two dozen Palestinian properties in the West Bank, issuing a statement accusing Israel of pushing the same Palestinian families out of their homes in less than two weeks.

Moreover, dozens of NGOs have asked Israel not to continue the demolitions. Palestinian leaders maintain that resettlement efforts must cease if there is ever to be any chance of peace with Israel.

“Demolitions often occur to facilitate the expansion of illegal Israeli settlements, with 60 percent of demolitions occurring in Palestinian communities close to settlement zones,” Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Oxfam, and other rights groups declared in a joint statement earlier in December.

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robin bather 14.01.2014 00:48

And then the Israelis are surprised that the whole world hates them.


M Pearl 09.01.2014 05:52

There should be no distinction made for religion , race or gender. Every person, no matter what his religion, race or gender is deserves the right to basic shelter, food and personal safety. Compassion for every person denied these basic necessities should form the basis of any policy we support or employ. We have to understand there real evil is not that others belong to different nationality or religion. True evil starts when we tolerate, ignore and fail to speak out when we witness the inhumane treatment of others who differ from ourselves.


Jason Cake 08.01.2014 17:08

TANNED STEWIE 27.12.2013 23:56

There are two primary types of Jews recognized today: Sephardic and Khazar.
Sephardic Jews make up about 10% of all Jews and, oddly enough, are truly second-class citizens in Jewish society. Only the Sephardic jews originated in the Middle East. Only the Sephardic Jews have even a colorable claim to Israel.
Khazaric Jews are descended from eastern Europeans who converted en masse to Judaism several hundred years ago, by edict of their king.


Ashkena zi Jews?! I'm Sephardic Jew and no your darn close. How did Nazism begin again???? Rothschilds....

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