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‘Racist’ US diplomat says Indian ‘vegetarians...are doing the raping’

Published time: January 17, 2014 00:50
Edited time: January 17, 2014 02:27
American diplomat Wayne May and his spouse Alicia Muller

American diplomat Wayne May and his spouse Alicia Muller

A US diplomat and his wife who were expelled from India have caused a furor in the media after their racist comments went viral. Regularly mocking the Indian lifestyle, they once suggested vegetarians are responsible for a wave of violence and rapes.

The Times of India reproduced the comments made by Wayne May, who headed the security team at the US embassy in New Delhi, and his wife, Alicia Muller, who worked as a community liaison officer. The paper noted the irony of her role given the comments.

May’s expulsion was part of a tit-for-tat eviction of diplomats. The exchange was made after escalating tensions which stemmed from the “humiliating” arrest of Indian diplomat, Devyani Khobragade. She stood accused of visa fraud and making false statements on payments, and was then subjected to strip searches and a humiliating cavity search, which India’s foreign minister vehemently denounced. She was asked to leave the US last week.

The US diplomatic couple was effectively deported last week by Indian authorities, but their outrageous comments made during their stay only recently went viral.

While Indian newspapers have identified May as the diplomat expelled, the US State Department officially refused to state the identity of the diplomat who was based in India.

In one of the postings Alicia mocked the Indian way of life, stating that herpet dog Paco got “more protein in his diet" than their gardener's, after one of her Facebook friends noted that Paco looks bigger than the man. A week later she followed up with comments about vegetarians being rapists, adding “this place is just so bizarre.”

In a further post, Muller went on to insult a sacred Indian animal, posting a picture of a cow entitled “stupid cow.” As one response duly noted: “You just insulted their god...” Muller replied: “Not the first time, not the last.”

Most of the comments were reproduced on a website entitled ‘Racist American Diplomats’, which published screenshots.

Washington has made attempts to distance itself from the comments since their posting. “Those comments absolutely do not reflect US government policy, nor were they made on any official US government social-media account,” State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf told reporters at a daily news conference. “I would underscore that these do not in any way represent the US government position,” she added.

“Given the sensitive positions they occupied in the US embassy, they are, particularly in hindsight, astonishingly offensive,”
the Times of India said.

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George Costanza 22.06.2014 09:18

You need loans? And what do you buy? iPhones, iPads, iSpecial, iMyself, iThis, iThat, dream homes, dream clothes, dream this, dream that, despite having nothing to back those loans. False sense of pride, nationalism and feelings of grandeur and superiority based on a debt based currency that keeps on getting printed and backed up by nothing. Why should the world suffer for a very small percentage of the world population? You think the world will bail you out like your country bails out criminals and failed banks? Then you have the balls to judge this or that country is a failing state. Dream on!


George Costanza 22.06.2014 09:09

The typical brainless, gullible and genetically inferior nobodies (majority in the US) think they are entitled to high standards of living, despite their failing economy, while the global syndicate of banksters rip you off and export huge problems to the world. You think we'll let this continue? US exceptionalism my behind. You brought this on yourselves by thinking you're special. Wait for a complete meltdown and you'll realize how you managed to completely bring down a country that was built by remarkable men and women.


George Costanza 22.06.2014 09:01

I'm proud of the RT team. Kudos! We (the Great East) should continue to mock the US on its stupid foreign policy and domestic plunder on the one hand. Then, hit the US culture (or lack of it) on the other to continue to present the US in the worst way possible. Firm grounds are being setup to slowly, but surely (and eventually) shift total global economic, military and social power to the East.

I was a great fan of the US. Not anymore. This view is shared by a majority of the world Why? You people think the world is going to bail you out, while you export debt and moral corruption to the world?

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