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Crimea? No, Venice! Independence referendum in EU goes almost unnoticed

Published time: March 17, 2014 12:28
Edited time: March 18, 2014 16:58

Reuters / Manuel Silvestri

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While the Crimean referendum tops world media headlines, an attempt at secession is going on in Veneto, Italy, with its major city Venice. But as it is being virtually ignored by media, people in Europe are hardly aware of what’s happening next door.

Do you mean the independence of Crimea?” says a Berlin resident when RT’s Irina Galushko asks him of what he thinks of the current referendum in Veneto, Italy, where people are voting on whether to break away from Rome.

No, I haven’t heard of it” was the most common answer Galushko received.

The online referendum in the northern Italian province was launched on Sunday, the same day the majority of people in Crimea voted yes to seceding from Ukraine and joining Russia. But unlike the Crimean referendum, the Veneto one has not quite found itself in the media spotlight.

Nevertheless, about 3.8 million eligible Veneto resident voters will now be able, until Friday, to say if they would like to see the region an independent, sovereign and federative Republic of Veneto.

Veneto is one of the biggest and wealthiest provinces in Italy with a population of more than 5 million people. One of the main reasons for the vote is that the region is tired of the backbreaking burden of taxes imposed by Rome.

We would like to continue the economic ties with Italy,” Lodovico Pizzati, the spokesman for the independence movement, told RT. “But from a fiscal standpoint there’s a huge gap between what we pay in taxes and what we receive as public service. We are talking about a difference of 20 billion euro.”

The latest polls, suggesting that about 65 percent of the population is in favor of becoming independent, have encouraged the independence movement leaders finally to have the region’s fate decided.

We have to fight for it [independence],” Giovanni Dalla Valle, head of the Veneto independence movement, told RT. “We will do it in a peaceful, diplomatic way. We do strongly believe that when the majority wants to be independent there is nothing they [the Italian government] can do.

Veneto independence activists say they have been inspired by secession movements in Scotland and Catalonia.

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snowonweb 28.03.2014 11:18

Zionist controlled media is a joke. That's why we have RT. ALso noticed how Al Jazeera even went zionist in their reporting. PressTV is still good.


MEH 27.03.2014 14:56

Nice bit of propoganda. The image at the beginning of your video, obviously intended to make it look like a line of people waiting to vote, is in fact people waiting to get into the bell tower at St. Mark's Square.

Als o, your comparrison of the "referendum&quo t; in the Crimea to that in the Veneto is specious. The issue with Crimea is not a referendum. Who cares about a referendum?

The real issue is the armed invasion of a soverign state for the purpose of annexing it Russia. You're simply trying to whitewash a blatant act of naked aggression. Do you think everyone is stupid?


Tsai Vidro Voves 20.03.2014 18:46

Roberto Baldassar 19.03.2014 22:54

Last minute UPDATE:
the organisation of the Venetian Referendum declared that at the end of the 4th day a total of 1.412.258 venetian people expressed their vote, that is the 37,83% of the total entitled voters.
Other 2 days are remaining, the referendum will end next Friday at 18:00 local time.


Tell me, did the organisators think of people to whom a computer is unavailable? Something like a public place where they can place their vote.

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