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Venezuela breaks diplomatic relations with Panama, citing conspiracy

Published time: March 05, 2014 22:06
Edited time: March 06, 2014 05:40
Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro (Reuters / Carlos Garcia Rawlins)

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro (Reuters / Carlos Garcia Rawlins)

The government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that it was breaking diplomatic and commercial ties with Panama on Wednesday, citing the Central American country's complicity in a "conspiracy."

In strongly worded comments during a commemoration event on the anniversary of the death of the country’s late president, Hugo Chavez, Maduro derided Panama’s leadership.

"We're not going to let anyone get away with interfering with our fatherland, you despicable lackey, president of Panama,” said Maduro.

The Venezuelan leader affirmed that actions to break relations with Panama were in keeping with the day’s homage to Chavez.

“This is the best way to honor commander Chavez, by defending our sovereignty.”

Maduro directly addressed Panama’s petition to the Organization of American States (OAS) to investigate the ongoing situation in Venezuela.

“Let the OAS stay where it is,” he added. “We are a pacifist country, but we are also brave in defending our rights.”

Panama’s government reacted sharply to Maduro’s condemnation, branding his comments as "unacceptable offenses."

“The offensive language that was used is inappropriate for a president of an allied country,” said the Panamanian government in a statement.

Panama denied their petition to the Organization of American States (OAS) was “interference” in Venezuelan affairs and claimed their only intention was to “strengthen democracy and Human Rights” in the Latin American nation.

The remarks took place during a ceremony with various foreign dignitaries in attendance, including the presidents of Cuba, Bolivia, and Nicaragua.

Supporters of the Bolivarian revolution are busy marking the first anniversary of their iconic socialist leader, Hugo Chavez. This comes amid continuing nation-wide protests mounted by the opposition against Maduro's administration.

Tens of thousands of people were expected to flood the country’s streets to attend lavish events hosted by the country’s new leader and successor to Chavez and his ideas – Nicolas Maduro. A military parade honoring ‘El Comandante’ is among the festivities.

Maduro, Chavez’s chosen successor, wants to show that despite the feeling created by the current anti-government protests now gripping the country, plenty of people still exist who value Chavez’s socialist legacy of economic reform and equality for all.

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Dafnees Zambrano 06.03.2014 21:49

Also, I don't understand how people are so upset at US meddeling with the affairs of per say Ukraine.. but Russia has the right to just send military forces in there? that's ok somehow? just like it's ok for Cuba (known for providing military bases for Russia both in Cuba and Venezuela btw) to colonize and militarize Venezuela? pff! okkkkkkkk


Dafnees Zambrano 06.03.2014 21:20

"It is much more effective for people to work on their businesses. If you have no food, your priority is to find food -- either by making food or by making money to buy food" ..uh... what the heck would you do if you went from supermarket to supermarket and there was no food on the isles? and I mean every supermarket around! maye you think all Venezuelans are a bunch of farmers but like you Americans we rely on a system which USED to work, and now it doesnt. Hence we are out there on the streets every day demanding our rights. If a government is butchering the economy the people have a right to want them out.


Dafnees Zambrano 06.03.2014 21:12

"he reason for this is US oppresion towards socialist countries sabotaging their work. You are so uninformed." HAHAHA ok. well .. tell that to Cuba! 60 years in Socialism and they are doing GREAT! you guys can keep discussing how bad the US is from your comfy homes in the US. Us venezuelans are fighting to get this regime out. we are majority and we will not stop. No matter what Maduro says or what any oppsition "leader" says. Any soul that supports our struggle right on. As for the indifference I see towards the violation of HR taking place in Venezuela on this post.. well.. I hope not all americans are like this.

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