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Maduro’s Twitter account, official sites hacked by LulzSec

Published time: April 14, 2013 22:46
Edited time: April 15, 2013 00:51
image from @PartidoPSUV

image from @PartidoPSUV

As the polls have closed across the country, the Twitter account of the Venezuela presidential hopeful Nicolas Maduro has been compromised by the Lulz Security Peru hacktivist group. Two official websites have been brought down as well.

The official’s twitter account was filled with vulgar messages in which @lulzsecperu claimed responsibility for the successful attack.

Hackers have also defaced Maduro’s official sites and posting their logo on the main pages.

The Venezuelan minister of Communications & Information Ernesto Villegas has commented on the attack saying that the “despair of fascism" became evident once again.

In their “desperation” hackers also attacked the Twitter accounts of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela and of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, the minister added.

The attacks occurred shortly before 18:00 (22:30 GMT), when the polls had  officially closed for this Sunday's presidential election in Venezuela.

image from @NicolasMaduro

screenshot from

image from @CelacVenezuela

Comments (120)

Anonymous user 01.05.2013 04:15

Well, now we know that LulzSec is fascist.

Anonymous user 17.04.2013 14:59

I never realized that Luzsac was a counterrevolutionary group : (

Anonymous user 16.04.2013 09:21

I speak for sane americans, we do not want to interfere and wish Venezuela well with new president!

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