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Watch LIVE on RT: Yanukovich to hold press-conference in Southern Russia

Published time: February 27, 2014 15:52
Edited time: February 28, 2014 12:45

Viktor Yanukovych.(AFP Photo / Andrew Kravchenko)

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Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich to hold a news conference in Russia's Rostov-on-Don at 1700 local time (1300 GMT) on Friday. Watch an exclusive LIVE broadcast on RT.

Yanukovich vanished over the weekend and his whereabouts have so far been unknown, with rumors claiming that he could have fled to Russia, or that he was still in Crimea.

He was reportedly last seen in Crimea.

The new Ukrainian authorities – who came to power following months of violent confrontation – put Yanukovich on an international wanted list on suspicion of involvement in mass killings during the riots in Kiev.

Dozens of people were killed in clashes between armed radical protesters and security forces.

On February 22, Ukrainian MPs voted to oust Yanukovich and hold a presidential vote on May 25.

Ukraine’s parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, held an emergency session and passed a law on the return to the 2004 constitution without the president's approval, saying that the president had removed himself from power.

Yanukovich described the situation as a coup d’etat and said he was not going to resign, as he was a “legitimately elected president.”

On February 23, the parliament voted for its speaker, Aleksandr Turchinov, as acting president of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian leader fled Kiev at the end of the worst week of violence since protests began in November, when he refused to sign an association agreement with the EU.

On Wednesday, Ukraine’s deputy prosecutor general said that the president was still on the country’s soil, without giving any further details.

On Thursday Viktor Yanukovich made a statement that he still considered himself the legitimate leader of Ukraine and warned against an internal military conflict. He also asked Russia to ensure his safety against the actions of “extremists” that took power in Ukraine.

A source inside the Russian authorities told Itar-Tass news agency that his security had reportedly been ensured on Russian territory “in connection with the fact that President Yanukovich appealed to the Russian authorities".

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Johnyshmit 03.03.2014 18:26

Oh trolls come in waives


Mariusz Kononowicz 01.03.2014 16:40

[quote name='Ron' time='28.02.2014 23:43']When racist neo-Nazi thugs rule illegally, corruption becomes a minor issue. Civil war now faces Ukraine's stupid people, who have fallen for the Yankee plotters' schemes. Woe to Amerika: you have poked a stick at the Russian bear. Ukraine, you are doomed.[/quote

You are dumb if you think everyone will side with the Russian mafia and nazis. 1939 it was the same thing.... Putin is similar to the leader from that period. But their time is coming. Praise be to Ukraine


Mara 01.03.2014 09:48

Anette Mor 28.02.2014 20:21

Blaime and wars do not help. The division is existential. Putin wrote to american people during syrian crisis mentioning differences between individualist and collective mentality.


An ette, do you think it stupid of westerners to be concerned that the old colonialist instincts of the Soviet Union are still alive in Putin?
I am old enough to remember watching on TV, as a child, Soviet tanks rolling into Czechoslovakia when they had the temerity to want self-determination.

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