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An anti-goverment fighter holds his gun towards the Ukrainian army position at a checkpoint near the front line in the northern outskirts of city of Donetsk, on July 22, 2014 (AFP Photo) ​Ready, reset, go! Cold War 2.0
The New Great Game in Eurasia never ceases to thrill with extreme plot twists. The Big Three players remain the same: the US, Russia and China. The devil is in the concentric subplots. 76 by Pepe Escobar
Ukrainian troops are pictured near the eastern Ukrainian town of Seversk (RIA Novosti / Gleb Garanich) ​Ukraine’s two-fingers to freedom of expression
Kiev’s move last Friday to deport the British freelance journalist, Graham Phillips, sets a dangerous precedent - one that his colleagues would be wise to challenge. 6 by Bryan MacDonald
Reuters / David Gray ​With TTIP consumer protection will be a privilege of the rich
At the end of last week, a draft chapter from TTIP was leaked to the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP). by Mark Bergfeld
Courtesy of US State Department ​Russia should sue the United States for defamation of national character
Washington is leading a massive smear campaign in an effort to blame Russia for the downing of flight MH17 by firing off a tirade of unsubstantiated claims and outright lies. Moscow should seek legal recourse for slander in an international court of law. 44 by Robert Bridge
People walk near the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines MH17 that crashed last Thursday, near Hrabove (Grabovo) in the Donetsk region July 23, 2014. (Reuters / Maxim Zmeyev) Is Kiev lying? Or is Kiev lying?
The current conflict in Ukraine provides a plethora of examples of the power of doublethink in shaping narratives in order to justify any actions, beliefs, and statements that are either untrue or so grossly distorted as to be entirely unbelievable. 68 by Eric Draitser
RIA Novosti ‘Yukos judgment marks true divorce between Russia and the West’
​The decision by the International Arbitration Court in the Netherlands is a political one and there is no mechanism that I am aware of for enforcing Russia to make the $50bn payment, energy asset manager Eric Kraus told RT. 10
A protester holds a placard during a no carbon tax rally in Sydney. (AFP Photo / Greg Wood) Australia repeals the carbon tax blob. For good?
​A wondrous event has shaken the firmament of reaction and misery so beloved of the delusional souls who believe in mysticism, dodgy data and indeed, the massive modern myth of global warming. 22 by Patrick Young
AFP Photo / Paul J. Richards ‘How do you find out that you are on the US no-fly lists? The hard way’
The issue around the US terrorist watchlists has come up because one of the most important imperatives of the government is to cover its own butt, J.D. Tuccille, editor at the Reason 24/7 News, told RT. 12
A photo taken on July 23, 2014 shows the crash site of the downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, in a field near the village of Grabove, in the Donetsk region. (AFP Photo / Bulent Kilic) ‘Slam dunk journalism’ or propaganda warfare?
​For those who have not heard the name, David Johnson is one of America’s most respected journalists. 12
A Malaysian air crash investigator (R) works at a crash site of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 near the village of Hrabove (Grabovo), Donetsk region July 24, 2014. (Reuters / Maxim Zmeyev) 'Not terrorists': Hysteria over MH17 fails to take account of both law and facts
It’s not every day you see a blog published on Oxford University Press (OUP) that is so riddled with legal flaws, you would pull your hair out in frustration if a student had composed it. 70 by Roslyn Fuller


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