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A Ukrainian anti-government protester throws a Molotov cocktail during clashes with riot police in central Kiev early on January 25, 2014. (AFP Photo / Dmitry Serebryakov) ‘How Ukraine was turned into a failed state in a year’
As a country with few socio-economic and political problems Ukraine has turned into a failed state torn by civil war and sectarian violence, with a lack of constitutional order and a destroyed economy, foreign affairs expert Nebojsa Malic told RT.
Gerasimovskoye oilfield of the Tomskneft VNK company, the Parabel District, Tomsk Region.
(RIA Novosti / Valery Titievsky)
‘OPEC can easily decide to do nothing about oil prices’
There are three possible outcomes to the OPEC meeting: either they leave the situation as it is, or stick to a 30 million barrel per day ceiling, or cut oil production, Stuart Elliott, Senior Managing Editor of Europe & Africa Oil News, told RT.
John Moore / Getty Images / AFP ‘Middle class would go to jail for what big corporations are allowed to do’
US corporations have enough profit to grease the wheels of Washington DC to have legislation that benefits them, and their workers which are becoming fewer and fewer, are shouldering the tax burden, independent journalist Charlie McGrath told RT.
Two US Navy F-18E Super Hornets supporting operations against IS, after being refueled by a KC-135 Statotanker over Iraq after conducting an airstrike. (AFP Photo / Handout / US Air Force / Staff Sgt. Shawn Nickel) ‘Western policy of destroying ISIS completely unsuccessful’
The US anti-ISIS policy only helps them recruit more people, while the only way to fight ISIS is to secure borders and re-examine immigration policies both in America and Europe, retired US Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor told RT.
In a picture taken on January 22, 2014 a demonstrator holds up a chain and a riot police shield as protestors clash with police in the center of Kiev. (AFP Photo / Sergei Supinsky) #Euromaidan 1st birthday: How the Kiev coup grew (Op-Edge)
It’s been a year since thousands of peaceful protesters took part in the initial Euromaidan rallies in Kiev, hoping for a brighter future. Since that optimistic start, the state has been torn to shreds and now its very future is in doubt. by Bryan MacDonald
Reuters/Heinz-Peter Bader ‘Global economy will benefit from oil price decline’
If OPEC fails to take a unified approach on stabilizing oil prices the global economy will be the biggest winner because oil prices will continue to fall, Fred Beach, of the University of Texas at Austin, told RT.
Reuters/Larry Downing ​‘US government prefers intimidating spy system’
Despite wide support for the “USA Freedom Act” the majority of right-wing US politicians in the Congress choose a spying system, which arouses fear and ire among Americans, James Petras, formerly of Binghamton University, told RT.
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey (AFP Photo/Brendan Smialowski) ‘US intergovernmental conflict: Military vs diplomacy’
The contradictory statements coming from US President Obama, John Kerry, and top military officials show that the US government is in bad shape and there is no cabinet solidarity, Patrick James, Director of USC's Center for International Studies, told RT.
A destroyed tank is seen along a road on the territory controlled by the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic near airport of Luhansk, in Luhansk region, eastern Ukraine, November 19, 2014. (Reuters/Antonio Bronic) ​‘West not interested in investigating in eastern Ukraine’
The West tries to prevent investigations in eastern Ukraine because they don’t want a situation where the Kiev government is found to be guilty of war crimes, Alexander Mercouris, International Affairs Editor for Russia Insider, told RT.
AFP Photo/Nicholas Kamm ‘Monsanto uses Indian farmers to contaminate world with GMO crops’
By persuading Indian farmers to buy genetically modified organism (GMO) seeds Monsanto spreads its genetically engineered crops around the world so that no one can compete with pure non-GMO products after that, anti-GMO activist Jeffrey Smith, told RT.


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