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AFP Photo/Nicholas Kamm Western media hysteria over Russia caused by East West divide
There is an ongoing tussle between the West and East originating from people losing confidence in the dollar and a lack of cooperation, which leads to trade, energy and media wars, Tony Gosling, investigative journalist, told RT. by Tony Gosling
Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images/AFP Using the Holocaust to justify war on Assad
Since its creation after WWII, Israel and friends have been masters at manipulating emotions, endlessly invoking the memory of Hitler’s Germany as a pretext for starting further wars as in the recent Holocaust-themed propaganda against Syria’s government.
US President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) (AFP Photo) ‘US rebuke of Israel seems childish: no deeds, only words’
The US Administration’s criticism of Israeli PM Netanyahu has not been accompanied by any deeds and the country still remains Israel’s main supporter, political analyst and Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy told RT.
A crest of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (AFP Photo) ‘US intelligence needs prosecutions to get more budget dollars’
There is competition among 17 US intelligence agencies - they catch people whether it is within the law or not to get part of the multi-billion ‘black budget,’ George Mapp, an investigative journalist, said on RT’s In the Now show.
A Shi'ite protester carries a poster of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr during a demonstration outside the Saudi embassy in Sanaa October 18, 2014. (Reuters/Khaled Abdullah) Saudi Arabia is shooting itself in the foot by executing Shiite cleric
The House of Saud’s plans to execute a revered Shiite cleric and protest leader reveal the extent to which the regime is vulnerable and desperate to perpetuate itself. Going ahead with the execution would be strategic miscalculation. by Nile Bowie
Reuters/Desmond Boylan Russian approaches to nuclear disarmament
Elimination of the threat posed by weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons, remains one of the key priorities of the international community. by Alexander Yakovenko
AFP Photo ‘Closure of Al-Aqsa mosque to flare up Israeli-Palestinian conflict’
By closing the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Israel is launching war on four fronts - against the Palestinians, all Muslims, Jordan and the international community, Abhallah Abdullah from the Palestinian Legislative council told RT.
A sign showing currency exchange rates on a street in Kiev. (RIA Novosti/Maksim Blinov) ‘Show me the money.’ Time for Brussels to put up or shut up on Ukraine
Ukraine’s parliamentary election results are in. While the outcome restores some much needed democratic legitimacy - the fractured state’s future is far from certain. by Bryan MacDonald
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. (AFP Photo/Adem Altan) ‘NATO a great threat to the security of its members, rest of the world’
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization poses a threat to its members by involving them in interventions based on pretty flimsy evidence, Patrick Armstrong, former political counselor at the Canadian Embassy in Moscow told RT’s In the Now show.
AFP Photo/Frederick Florin ‘Whistleblowers do incredible damage to US intelligence’
When it comes to dealing with terrorism US intelligence community feels like it operates with one hand tied behind their back because of whistleblowers like Snowden and Manning, intelligence analyst Glenmore Trenear-Harvey told RT.


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