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AFP Photo / Getty Images / Spencer Platt Amending constitution to better serve the rich?
There is a growing movement among many conservatives and right wing state legislatures to call a Constitutional Convention to pass a ‘balanced budget amendment’ to the US constitution. 33 by Eric Draitser
Victoria Nuland (AFP Photo / Saul Loeb) ​Firefighters v arsonists: US confirms $5bn spent on 'Ukraine democracy'
People holding illegal arms and occupying government buildings are perfectly OK, as long as they are permitted to do so, believes Washington’s top diplomat in Europe. But doing exactly the same thing without permission is bad. 203
Afghan National Army (ANA) Russian made helicopters (AFP Photo / Massoud Hossaini) India-Russia-Afghanistan synergy: India to pay for Russian arms supplies to Kabul
It is a done deal and already under implementation, quietly but surely: securing India’s and Russia’s strategic interests in Afghanistan in the not-too-distant scenario of the drawdown of American and NATO forces from Afghanistan. 4
Former South African president and Nobel Peace laureate, Nelson Mandela (R), shakes hands with former US boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter (L) during the inaugural World Reconciliation Day celebrations in Melbourne 08 September 2000. (AFP Photo / Torsten Blackwood) Death of Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter: Association between race, poverty, and social exclusion in the US
The recent death, at 76, of former US middleweight boxing contender, Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter, reminded the world of the courageous and tenacious struggle this black man waged to overturn his wrongful conviction and imprisonment for murder in 1966. 28 by John Wight
AFP Photo / Ed Jones ‘Civil society should be part of discussions on Internet technologies’
The Edward Snowden revelations of mass surveillance make it clear that it is not only the technical or commercial communities that must be at part of the debate but civil society as well, Carolina Rossini from Global Partners Digital Associate told RT. 2
US President Barack Obama (AFP Photo / Mandel Ngan) ‘Obama has a much weaker hand in Ukraine crisis than before’
There are a lot of voices now coming out of various states, even the US and the UK, saying that sanctions and threats towards Russia are counterproductive, Lawrence Freeman, editor of the Intelligence Review magazine, told RT. 6
Brokers work in a bank's market room in Lisbon, Portugal (AFP Photo / Jose Manuel Ribeiro) ‘The solution to the eurozone crisis lies in Frankfurt’
Brussels would present any improvements in Portugal as a big political success, but in fact their reforms have destroyed the country, and the only help that came so far was from Frankfurt, Portugese MEP Rui Tavares told RT. 3
US President Barack Obama (L) and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe  (AFP Photo / Saul Loeb) US-Japan: Pivoting apart?
The ‘hope’ having evaporated, the ‘change’ largely absent, President Obama is visiting Japan April 24-25 with a free trade agenda. However, cracks appear to be emerging in the president’s ‘Pivot to Asia’. 29 by Patrick Young
Actor James Burke-Dunsmore carries the cross as he performs the role of Jesus in 'The Passion of Jesus' by the Wintershall Players on Good Friday to crowds in Trafalgar Square in central London on April 18, 2014. (AFP Photo) Church leaders must not mince words when cruel politicians ‘do God’
For Jews, Easter is a time to remember the Exodus ‘Passover’ where the blood of a lamb on the door marked out Jewish families to be saved from the Angel of Death and signaled their release from Egyptian slavery. 26 by Tony Gosling
Reuters / Carlo Allegri US Constitutional Convention: Power to people or right-wing battle tactic?
Once upon a time, when knickerbockers were the rage and a gentleman could not sally forth without a fashionable white wig perched upon his natural locks, something truly remarkable happened. 26 by Roslyn Fuller


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