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Radoslaw Sikorski.(Reuters / Slawomir Kaminski) Fragile fact-checking: How the media fell in and out of love with the Sikorski ‘revelations’
What’s worse than a junior neocon? A junior neocon trying to make a name for himself. Ben Judah’s meteoric rise, aided by his staunch anti-Russian credentials in a climate of fear, has imploded as quickly as it began. by Bryan MacDonald
Smoke and dust rise over Syrian town of Kobani after an airstrike, as seen from the Mursitpinar crossing on the Turkish-Syrian border in the southeastern town of Suruc in Sanliurfa province October 22, 2014. (Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach) ​Turks, Kurds, Americans: the Kobani riddle
Pay close attention to the women of Kobani, where Syrian Kurds are desperately fighting ISIS/ISIL/Daesh. They are also fighting the treacherous agendas of the US, Turkey, and the government of Iraqi Kurdistan. Who will prevail? by Pepe Escobar
Former United States President John F. Kennedy (R) meets with Nikita Khrushchev, former chairman of the council of Ministers of the Soviet Union, at the U.S. Embassy residence in Vienna, Austria in this June 1961 handout image. November 22, 2013. (Reuters) From Cuban Missile Crisis to failed ‘reset’: US doesn’t learn lessons
With relations between Russia and the United States at their lowest point since the Cold War, this month marks the 52nd anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the world moved perilously close to nuclear Armageddon. by John Wight
Reuters/Luke MacGregor ‘EU retaliatory migration sanctions will hurt Brits living abroad’
UK will hurt its citizens if it imposes migration restrictions on EU nationals because it will be followed by retaliatory sanctions from the EU, Petros Fassoulas, Chairman of European Movement UK, told RT.
Smoke and flames rise over Syrian town of Kobani after an airstrike, as seen from the Mursitpinar crossing on the Turkish-Syrian border in the southeastern town of Suruc in Sanliurfa province, October 20, 2014. (Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach) What I say to the UK Foreign Office on ISIS
Russia firmly supports the efforts of the Iraqi government to combat terrorism in all its aspects. It is necessary to unite the efforts of the country’s political movements and parties to confront the common threat posed by the IS terrorist group. by Alexander Yakovenko
AFP Photo/Denis Charlet Cashing out: ‘Electronic payments taking over, banks to abandon paper money soon’
More and more countries are using electronic payments instead of physical as they’re much cheaper, easily traceable and help to combat terrorism financing, money laundering, tax evasion and the black market, economist Konstantin Gurdgiev told RT.
Reuters/Mike Blake ‘Viral video recipe: nuggets, foodie, and a pinch of humor’
Can McDonald’s food be organic? Erik Hensel from the Lifehunters team told RT they decided to experiment and prove that even “food experts” can’t see a difference between fast food and healthy food.
U.S. President Barack Obama (L) and Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Reuters / Jason Reed) US needs pro-American lobby in Israel
Behind the polite and diplomatic statements regarding the “unbreakable bond” that exists between the United States and Israel lays a more disturbing truth that is slowly coming to the surface. by Robert Bridge
AFP Photo / Dominique Faget The Trans-Pacific Partnership – one sick treaty?
The secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will increase patent protection for the benefit of big pharmaceutical companies, but are such policies really in the interests of global health? by Roslyn Fuller
Presidential candidate for the Brazilian Workers' Party and current President Dilma Rousseff (L) speaks during a television debate with Brazilian Social Democracy Party candidate Aecio Neves (R) in Sao Paulo, Brazil on October 17, 2014. (AFP Photo / Miguel Schincariol) Neck & neck Brazil presidential race casts doubts on Mercosur, BRICS
About a year ago everyone expected an easy ride for President Dilma Rousseff in her reelection campaign. Now, in the final week of Brazil’s election season, she is technically tied with opposition’s Aécio Neves. by Mauricio Savarese


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