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Reuters / Louafi Larbi Journalists under attack, hypocritical Western media remains silent
The suspicious death of US-born journalist Serena Shim, and the deafening silence on the story in the US, is merely the latest example of the blatant double standard employed by the Western media. by Eric Draitser
Traders are pictured at their desks in front of the DAX board at the Frankfurt stock exchange October 22, 2014 (Reuters / Stringer) Europe’s panic button
European economic denial has reached the point where we are straddling the abyss, facing a code red moment of meltdown. by Patrick Young
Forensic police officers work near the National War Memorial in Ottawa, Canada on Wednesday October 22, 2014.(AFP Photo / Lars Hagberg) ‘Ottawa shooting shouldn’t be used as pretext for stripping away more civil liberties’
​Canada should not rush to use the attack on the Parliament as a pretext for stripping away civil liberties and increasing dragnet surveillance on the Canadian people, Annie Machon, former intelligence officer for the UK's MI5 told RT. by Annie Machon
ARCHIVE PHOTO: Former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam (AFP Photo / Anoek De Groot) The forgotten coup - How America and Britain crushed the government of their 'ally', Australia
Across the political and media elite in Australia, a silence has descended on the memory of the great, reforming prime minister Gough Whitlam, who has died. His achievements are recognized, if grudgingly, his mistakes noted in false sorrow.
Ottawa police officers with guns walk up Wellington St. near the National War Memorial where a soldier was shot earlier in the day, just blocks away from Parliament Hill, on October 22, 2014 in Ottawa, Canada (AFP Photo / Mike Carroccetto) ‘Canadian govt to use Ottawa shootings to justify its preconceived M.E. agenda‘
Ottawa shootings are convenient for the Canadian authorities who are in an internal political conflict over their decision to join with the US in the Middle East in the “war on the Islamic State,” geopolitical analyst Eric Draitser told RT. by Eric Draitser
A helicopter of the US Blackwater security firm hovers over the site where a car bomb exploded in central Baghdad (AFP Photo) ‘Coincidence? Ex-Blackwater guards convicted as US paves a way back to Iraq’
The timing of the case against four ex-Blackwater employees might be connected with US attempts to re-engage in Iraq, former US Foreign Service employee Peter van Buren told RT.
An asylum seeker and a child enter a refugee tent camp called 'The Tent' in Munich October 10, 2014 (Reuters / Michaela Rehle) ​‘Immigration burden not equal in EU’
The burden of immigration is not shared equally between EU members, with the majority of refugees concentrating in Germany and it getting no additional financial support from the block, Juergen Elsaesser, Editor-in-chief of Compact magazine, told RT.
Reuters / Yannis Behrakis ‘IDF don’t see Palestinian people as people, children as children’
Israeli troops serving in the occupied West Bank see Palestinians not as humans, and when they are ordered to arrest someone, it does not matter whether it is a child or an elderly person, former IDF soldier Nadav Bigelman, told RT’s In the Now show.
Radoslaw Sikorski.(Reuters / Slawomir Kaminski) Fragile fact-checking: How the media fell in and out of love with the Sikorski ‘revelations’
What’s worse than a junior neocon? A junior neocon trying to make a name for himself. Ben Judah’s meteoric rise, aided by his staunch anti-Russian credentials in a climate of fear, has imploded as quickly as it began. by Bryan MacDonald
Former United States President John F. Kennedy (R) meets with Nikita Khrushchev, former chairman of the council of Ministers of the Soviet Union, at the U.S. Embassy residence in Vienna, Austria in this June 1961 handout image. November 22, 2013. (Reuters) From Cuban Missile Crisis to failed ‘reset’: US doesn’t learn lessons
With relations between Russia and the United States at their lowest point since the Cold War, this month marks the 52nd anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the world moved perilously close to nuclear Armageddon. by John Wight


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