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Russian President Vladimir Putin.(Reuters / Maxim Zmeyev ) Putin’s press conference for all seasons
Tough love, a harsh economic climate, a Sino-centric eastern trade pivot and commitment to defend Russia against Western aggression marked the latest Putin’s press conference marathon. by Patrick Young
U.S. President Barack Obama.(Reuters / Larry Downing ) ​‘US coercive diplomacy: dialogue through dictate’
The US pursues coercive diplomacy regarding Russia and other countries, that has the appearance of diplomacy but in reality the other side has to give up its position, Executive Director of the Ron Paul Peace Institute Daniel McAdams told RT.
Reuters / Shannon Stapleton Cuban reset is ‘gambit by Obama administration’
Obama and Castro are master chess players, but Fidel has never lost a game in his life: the US is betting the government will be overthrown while the Castros are sure they will consolidate their position, Daniel Bruno, Buenos Aires based expert told, RT.
Ukrainian refugees at a railway station in Chita.(RIA Novosti / Evgeny Yepanchintsev) ​‘Time to wake up and start doing something’: How refugees live in Donbass
Over the past six months, the war has turned about 1 million people in Donbass into refugees, which is about a sixth of the entire population. Some went to other parts of Ukraine while others went to Russia. by Nadezhda Kevorkova
Russian President Vladimir Putin gestures as he speaks during his annual press conference in Moscow on December 18, 2014 (AFP Photo / Alexander Nemenov) ‘Putin keeps ace up his sleeve to surprise market’
President Putin has not disclosed his future strategic plans during the annual Q&A since to surprise international markets one should always have an ace up the sleeve, French economist Jacque Sapir told RT.
Reuters / Dylan Martinez More equal societies do better. Why then are governments supporting inequality?
The OECD has confirmed what most sensible economy watchers realized a long time ago - rising inequality is smothering economic growth globally. As the erosion of the middle class continues, when will policymakers wake up? by Bryan MacDonald
US State Department Press Secretary Jen Psaki  (AFP Photo / Paul J. Richards) Latest Psaki gaffe no laughing matter
Jen Psaki, the US State Department spokesperson, uttered yet another gaffe when she declared that the Obama administration signed off on more economic sanctions against Russia, setting off alarm bells in Russia. by Robert Bridge
Reuters / Lucas Jackson US media in propaganda war with global anti-fracking activism
As 2014 comes to a close the American mainstream media has represented the most aggressive attack on global environmental movements that defend peoples’ right to live in healthy and clean environment worldwide.
A woman celebrates with people riding in a car and holding posters of the "Cuban Five" in Havana December 17, 2014 (Reuters / Stringer) ​Obama’s Cuba decision: ‘US tries to move Russian allies away’
Improving relations with Havana, the US is indirectly attempting to move Cuba away from its traditional alliance with Russia, believes international consultant Adrian Salbuchi. The Castro brothers will certainly take advantage of the thaw, he told RT. by Adrian Salbuchi
December 18, 2014. President of Russia Vladimir Putin during his tenth annual major news conference at the World Trade Centre on Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment (RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich) What Putin is not telling us
Even facing what under any circumstances is a perfect storm; President Putin delivered an extremely measured performance at his annual press conference and Q&A marathon. by Pepe Escobar


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