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Edward Snowden for president

Published time: October 31, 2013 12:17
Edward Snowden (AFP Photo/Wikileaks)

I would like to seriously suggest that Edward Snowden, whether he wishes it or not, has a great future in American politics.

When it's all over - and he has been exonerated - it would behoove any of the 'third-party' political organizations opposed to unconstitutional practices, such as mass surveillance, or tapping the phones of foreign leaders, or waging undeclared foreign wars of aggression, to draft Edward Snowden to run for the US senate in 2016, and the presidency in 2020 when he will be over 35 and meet the constitutional age requirement to run.

Snowdens qualifications: Honesty, integrity, courage, putting 'doing the right thing' above personal advantage, and standing up for the basic democratic rights of the American people.

He has also displayed incredible 'grace under fire' and is far more articulate, congruent, insightful, and credible than those who currently rule Washington.  The politicians and officials who organized the National Security Agency’s (NSA's) mass surveillance programs - and who have continually attacked Snowden -  are in the same position as a line from an old song:  "They've branded him a traitor; they themselves the traitor crew."

In fact, many of those same politicians - who previously backed the NSA - are now beginning to back-track, as the full enormity of the surveillance system Snowden unveiled becomes publicly known.  

Demonstrators hold placards supporting former US intelligence analyst Edward Snowden during a protest against government surveillance on October 26, 2013 in Washington, DC (AFP Photo)  

Mike Rogers, Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, is a case in point.  Rogers previously called Snowden "a traitor,” and “a liar”. But this week, amidst still more damning revelations - including allegations that the NSA tapped  the phones of EU leaders -  Rogers stated that his committee is ready to take testimony from Snowden over the internet.

Snowden’s willingness to stand up for the human rights not only of Americans, but of people throughout the world has made him immensely popular outside the US among ordinary people in Russia, China, the EU, Latin America, and elsewhere.

What's more, 70 percent of young people in America support him, according to a recent public opinion poll.  And they are the future voters of America.

Snowden has, in fact, shown the world the best side of the American character.  The side that says:  "When something’s not right, speak up!"

Let's remember that Winston Churchill was also marginalized and vilified as a 'nut' - or as grossly exaggerating the danger - during the 1930's in Britain for repeatedly bringing to light detailed information on Nazi Germany’s war preparations.  In revealing the NSA’s system for covert mass surveillance of every human being on the planet, Snowden is a Winston Churchill of our time.  Whatever people say now, history will call him a hero. 

Eric Sommer for RT

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Terrence Lee Reed 04.04.2014 06:29

2016 will be here before you know it, so I was trying to think of who I would be willing to vote for, as I would never vote for Hilary and cannot imagine the Republicans nominating anyone sane. It then occurred to me, Edward Snowden. He has the fame necessary to become President of the United States, no one else really has the fame necessary to wrestle power from the NFL of American politics, the Democratic and Republican parties. And if there is anything the American people, and the world, needs is a whistleblower in the White House, finally a President that is not in bed with and beholden to the CIA.


anthony 02.11.2013 17:00

Roxy Chick 01.11.2013 10:54

This is a joke right? The usa won't let him escape anything!


of course it's a joke but, think of how the political arena would really change for the better for all of us if we could elect people with desent morals like him.


anthony 02.11.2013 16:47

we all need people with this kind of balls and guts to run our country's all around the world . oh and that's not to mention the integrity it takes to do so also.!

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