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UK Green Party: ‘Ecoloons’ with totalitarian mentality

Patrick L Young is expert in global financial markets working in multiple disciplines, ranging from trading independently to running exchanges.

Published time: February 21, 2014 10:07
Reuters/David Moir

Britain’s ‘ecoloons’ have exceeded their usual compost policy, borrowing a move straight from the Nazi playbook - a purge of anybody who challenges green dogma.

In a step towards a Chairman Mao-style cultural revolution in British life, the large mouthed, small mandate, Green Party has just made the outrageous demand that any government official who does not agree with unproven climate change theories must be summarily removed from office. Worryingly, despite the clear totalitarian connotations of a ‘Green pogrom’ against anybody disagreeing with their dogma, an array of liberal British media, such as the perennially liberal BBC, have been mute in even questioning such an excessive proposal, which falls foul of all basic democratic principles.

In a remarkable outburst, the Green Party leader, one Natalie Bennett, has demanded that the British government fire any minister or adviser, regardless of their department, who has ever shown any degree of disbelief in the controversial theory of global warming. Yes indeed, you read that right, British politicians are proposing to ban access to government if you don’t subscribe to the core belief of a party which commanded a towering 0.9 percent of the last British general election vote. In terms of the tail wagging the dog, such an action beggars belief even amongst the trendy metropolitan types who earnestly believe they know better than their fellow citizens.

Imagine the outcry if the extremist British National Party (who polled more than twice the Green vote at the last election incidentally) were to demand a restriction on civil servants to, say, only those born in Britain? In an age where verbal dysentery is the watchword of all too many politicians, it is a scandal that Ms Bennett has not been hounded out of her ‘leadership’ office as an embodiment of the fascism WWII was supposed to have defeated.

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

It is an odd thing that has come to pass in contemporary western civilization. Religions have been largely cast aside while an atheist metropolitan ‘elite’ are under the spell of pop science and other unproven beliefs, while sneering at those for whom the church (in any denomination) provides support. Perhaps the Green Party was just trying to draw attention away from the failings of Britain’s rather colossal, unaccountable Environment Agency, a ‘quango’ with 11,200 staff and a 2 billion dollar budget (making it bigger, journalist James Delingpole noted, than the equivalent agencies in Austria, Canada, Denmark, France and Sweden combined). The Environment Agency spent money on all manner of politically correct trinkets but didn’t bother to dredge rivers for over a decade. Thus an above average rainfall has multiplied into a national disaster.

Naturally, the Green Party blamed the floods on global warming, despite the fact that renowned IPCC climate expert, Professor Mat Collins, has refuted Britain’s winter rains being remotely connected to global warming.

Worryingly the Green Party is a huge fan of ever greater spending on the corporate greenery scam which threatens energy poverty for all, while a Green-industrial complex grows fat on subsidies. Thus the DIY compost attitude of the Green Party actually conceals a huge socialist-corporatist ambition that no nation can afford, least of all Britain, as it battles to repay the vast debts of the spendthrift Blair/Brown government.

Leaving aside the debate about global warming itself, the core principle here is a core tenet of democracy. No political group has the right to censor thought or remove others for their beliefs. This is rapacious totalitarianism. The West risks perpetual decline while maintaining its smug socialist-corporatist big government nanny state via a smug, clueless unelected ‘elite’ living off our taxes in quangoland, with the arrogance to believe their views trump everybody else’s. In the spirit of Hitler/Mao/Stalin, a witch hunt is being sought to remove from their jobs anybody who happens not to back the totalitarian dogma of not merely a minority party, rather an electoral rounding error.

Once upon a time Britain was a proud nation, free in thought and free to trade, encouraging a panoply of beliefs and commercial approaches. Liberal dogma is killing the West through a steady drip of financial failure, high spending / taxation and of course, those bizarre totalitarian beliefs. What next, a return to sacrificing climate pragmatists to assuage the weather gods?

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

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Clark Gordon 22.05.2014 19:51

Mmmmmmm.... Said a banker...


Tehachapi Gal 01.03.2014 03:06

I agree that Congress members who don't believe in EPA's powers, that man is responsible for much of the heating of our atmosphere and that it's OK to destroy our planet and wildlife for fracking, oil and shale should be tossed out of their seats. There are some real loons who have been paid major "contributions& quot; to pay back. However, when I see the open bladed wind mills or miles of solar plant is the deserts, this is the work of robber barons installing garbage technology in an agreement for Enron technology to be paid back for GE buying it. I visualize man eating cockroach cause that all that's left to eat.


mergon 28.02.2014 08:54

So what is an Ecoloon ? well in the 1960s it was the rich and trendy thing to be , then they found that they could get up organisations and a party where top jobs could be had with salary cheques ,in other words they are the rich eccentrics who could afford the high taxes that go with the green aspect of life !

lets not forget that there is money to be had with green politics and money to made if you have green vote ,the government love green they make billions in green taxes from ecoloons they get their ideas and then turn them into taxes !

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