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‘Height of hypocrisy’: West demonizes Russia doing everything to avoid conflict in Ukraine

Eric Draitser is an independent geopolitical analyst based in New York City and the founder of

Published time: February 28, 2014 05:25
Pro-Russian demonstrators carry a giant Russian flag as they rally in central Simferopol on February 27, 2014. (AFP Photo / Viktor Drachev)

It is pure hypocrisy for the same Western powers fomenting the chaos in Ukraine to brandish the idea that Russia should be chided for some kind of military intervention that has not happened, political analyst Eric Draitser told RT.

RT: Russia has held snap military drills in the region bordering Ukraine. This does give the EU grounds to be reasonably concerned, doesn't it?

Eric Draitser: Well it should not necessarily give them concern considering that it was the EU, the United States and NATO powers were first at instigating the unrest in Kiev and in Ukraine more generally. We have seen that the unrest has been sponsored by the US. We know of course that Victoria Nuland and some of the figures in Germany who have been backing Klitschko and Yatsenyuk, they were exacerbating the situation, fomenting from the very beginning. So now in response to the unrest through the country, particularly in response from these probing attacks that we have seen since the takeover of Kiev, extending into the Eastern portion of the country.

You have seen regions in Ukraine, such as Crimea and elsewhere, calling on Russia to come and to protect the citizens. Now what Russia is doing in response is certainly not an intervention, not by any stretch of the imagination. What we have seen rather is putting military on high alert just like they did in 2008 in response to provocative attacks from Georgia.

So I think that any country throughout the world, whether it is the US, Canada, Russia or any other country would be on high alert just as the Russians are. Of course the US and western media more broadly are using it to demonize Russia and to make it seem as Russia preparing for an intervention, which it certainly is not.

RT: Russia has dubbed the statements coming from the West as provocative. Do you think the comments about possible interference from Moscow - could escalate the situation?

ED: I think it is laughable to be quite honest. I think it is ironic that I happened to be wearing a shirt with George Orwell’s face on it, because the double things involved in these sort of statements is astounding.

On one hand the US through John Kerry, the UK through William Hague and NATO through Rasmussen are all making it seem as if Russia should be chided for some kind of intervention that has not happened while at the same time it is the same powers who were involved in fomenting the chaos in the first place and supporting new-Nazi factions in Kiev, in supporting the so-called opposition.

We of course have the infamous phone call from Victoria Nuland where she makes a certain statement, what I would call provocative statements about EU.

All of this somehow goes unnoticed. It is the height of hypocrisy. It is pure double thinking. Quite frankly it needs to be laughed off and to a large extent that was what the Russian response has been. The statements from the foreign minister, Lavrov, have been quite indicative of how the Russians view this entire situation, understanding that Hague and Rasmussen and Kerry and all the rest are using these statements to demonize Russia and try to incite some kind of a conflict which at this point it seems Russia has done everything it can to avoid.

This picture taken on February 27, 2014 shows a placard reading "Crimea is Russia" on a barricade at the entrance of the Crimean parliament in Simferopol. (AFP Photo / Vasily Batanov)

RT: Plans to join NATO were shelved in Ukraine after Yanukovich's election. Do you think the new government will move to join the organization?

ED: Well the new government, if we can call it that, I would not call it that but the so-called government is going to do whatever it can to save themselves. Look, we have Yatsenyuk making statements in public talking about the fact that Ukraine is bankrupt as if no one knew this beforehand. And now they are saying that Ukraine is going to need at least $35 billion just in 2014, just to stave off bankruptcy. And where is that money supposed to come from? We have seen the IMF making statements about $15 billion, we have seen the US talk about $1 billion, who knows what else the Europeans have in store.

All of this to say that the Ukrainian government, this occupying force in Kiev, that these individuals will have no leverage whatsoever against Europe and against NATO. So if they want some kind of a bailout, if they want some way out of this crisis, they are going to do what NATO tells them to do. And that Association Agreement by the way, the 1000 page document which the Yanukovich government has turned away from, that was a back door to the military expansion of NATO. There were elements in the agreement which essentially amounted to a defense cooperation treaty.

So we’ve known for quite a long time that NATO looks toward Ukraine as a key element in its expansionist policy and its aggressive assault against Russia and this will only continue, only escalate now that the so-called government in Kiev is at their mercy.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

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Regula 19.03.2014 15:50

Nuland's comments imply that the protests were orchestrated by the CIA, including the use of rightwing thugs to riot and precipitate Yanukovich's demise. It follows that the US intended to push these rightwing extremists into the government and that the EU contract was formulated intentionally so as to force Ukraine into the NATO, as a means to expand NATO and its bases to the border with Russia - and into Crimea.

The inversions - demonization - by the US are a means to hide its true intentions in Ukraine: destabilizing Russia and topple Putin by turning the Russian public against Putin due to failure in Ukraine.


er ewrewarfewaewr 05.03.2014 00:23

Chris Jackson 04.03.2014 23:13

Is invading a country "doing everything to avoid conflict in Ukraine"????

This so called "news" site is a joke at best.


You must be watching CNN. The US have 700 bases all over the globe. So are they invading all those countries? Russia is paying 100 million a year to have 25,000 guys and supplies in the Crimea. They now only have 15,000. They can legally send another 10,000 and still not be invading. They must be getting close to that now cause 6000 Ukrainian soldiers have laid down their weapons and joined the Crimea.


Thomas Lück 04.03.2014 14:42

Russia supported a cleptocratic president in Ukraine. They invaded the Crimean with no rights at all.
They support violent pro russia looters.
And they do everything to avoid troubles in Ukraine?
If that is true then I see pink elephants and flying pigs.

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