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Nationalist MP wants return of military training in secondary schools

Published time: June 23, 2014 10:13
RIA Novosti / Alexey Kudenko

RIA Novosti / Alexey Kudenko

A Liberal-Democratic lawmaker is asking the Defense and Education ministers to reinstate military training in schools, quoting the positive example of the Soviet Union and claiming that the move would effectively counter draft dodging.

In a letter MP Roman Khudyakov is asking the two ministers to join forces in developing a new school program that would include Russian military history, basic military training and introduction to various pieces of military hardware. He also suggested modelling the course on the Soviet-era “basic military training” lessons that were a part of universal education for boys and girls alike.

We need to pursue a more active policy of patriotic upbringing for the young. During the Soviet period the schools were preparing young men for military service. Back then, every boy could use firearms and protect himself and his close ones,” the politician said in an interview with Izvestia daily. “A real man must know from his early childhood that he is first of all a protector,” Khudyakov added.

The initiative to return military training to schools has been put forward by politicians before, including President Vladimir Putin. In 2010 Putin urged it at a meeting with veterans along with the idea to bring back the DOSAAF – a nationwide system of military-technical clubs that used to give teenagers a taste in many military-related professions, including aviation. The president said then that the military were complaining that conscripts could not get sufficient training when started from nothing, especially after the term of compulsory military service had been cut from two years to one.

A bill suggesting the return of basic military training in schools was drafted in March 2013 by MP Aleksey Zhuravlev of the parliamentary majority party United Russia. It received support from some MPs but opposed by others, who said the current broader “basic safety” course covered the issues necessary for ordinary people, and mass military education was not required in the country transitioning from universal conscription to a professional military force.

Experts treated the new initiative with equal caution. The head of the Children’s Psychologists’ Association, Aleksandr Kuznetsov told reporters that the school must teach creation and not destruction, and the emphasis on weapons and violence could leader to school shootings like the one that took place in Moscow in February this year.

A Defense Ministry spokesman said that they had not yet received Khudyakov’s letter and declined to make any comments until the document is studied. The Education Ministry has also declined to comment on the initiative.

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John M. Wadsworth 28.06.2014 17:58

Dicio Est 24.06.2014 12:50

Conscripts during peacetime, it is quite the norm to send them out to events (break the barracks life, helps common folk).

Poli cing the peace should be left for the police. Army should be perfecting their use as an army.


Russia was at peace when I was there. But the police were understaffed and ill prepared to handle the rise in crime that occurred right after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. I believe the Russian authorities did the right thing by deploying soldiers in their uniforms to help keep the peace. They were a bunch of fine young men.


John M. Wadsworth 28.06.2014 17:54

Mark 23.06.2014 17:08

your stupid comments recalls the film Full Mental Jacket. In Russia they enter then army not as obese and they come out not as obese and fit for soldierly duty. Remember what the character of the fat boy did in Full Mental Jacket at the end of his (thinning) training!


I'm sorry that you cannot distinguish between the fiction of a movie and reality. Full Metal Jacket was a movie; it was not reality.

An d - BTW - the U.S. had a draft during the time period depicted in the movie. Today, the voluntary military would turn away someone who was in that bad shape.


happyaussie mgtow 27.06.2014 11:55

John M. Wadsworth 26.06.2014 23:41

Cor rection. Everyone in Russia should be trained to defend Russia regardless of the direction from whence an enemy may come.


I stand Corrected - You are right.

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