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Russian school bans 5 Muslim girls from classes for wearing hijab

Published time: October 15, 2012 10:59
Edited time: October 15, 2012 14:59
RIA Novosti / Said Tzarnaev

RIA Novosti / Said Tzarnaev

A head teacher of a school in Russia’s North Caucasus region banned five Muslim girls from attending classes while wearing a hijab. Indignant parents filed suits at a local prosecutor’s office over the issue.

The scandal erupted a week ago at a school in the village of Kara-Tyube in Russia’s Stavropol region. Several Muslim girls of different ages were told they would not be allowed to enter the school unless they took off their hijabs.

“But that is unacceptable in our religion,” Ravil Kaibaliyev, the father of one of the children told Izvestia daily newspaper.

The children’s parents filed complaints at the district prosecutor’s office, claiming that the school had violated their constitutional rights to education and freedom of religion.

The prosecutor promised to issue a legal assessment of the incident within 30 days, and to take appropriate measures if the school’s headmaster was found to have broken the law.

School principal Marina Savchenko said that wearing a hijab violates school policy, which requires students to attend classes in secular clothes. “We didn’t insist that the girls shouldn’t wear hijab at all, but suggested they replace it with a headscarf while during the school classes,” she told Izvestia.

Russia’s Education Ministry backed the school’s administration, saying that schools are allowed to adopt their own regulations regarding uniform and rules of conduct.

However, Russian children's rights ombudsman Pavel Astakhov said that the school in Kara-Tyube “is clearly overreacting.”

“There are no common rules regarding pupils’ appearance. And a hijab in this case is not some indecent item,” Astakhov said, adding that in Western countries, similar conflicts are usually resolved in favor of tolerance.

Russian Islamic clergy condemned the ban, saying that there are no laws in the country regulating a person’s appearing. Wearing the hijab is also an integral part of the lifestyle of certain Islamic faiths, a senior official from the Council of Muftis told Izvestia.

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Che Buraška 17.04.2014 02:18

Al Koran doesn't demand hijabs for women. It asks that "their headscarf shall cover the beginning of her breast".
Hi jab is not worn all over the Islamic world. It is a national clothing attribute. So it doesn't contradict freedom of religion to prohibit hijab in schools. The wearing of hijab excludes the girls from the community of scolars and is some kind of discrimination of women to feel home in the community they live in. It hasn't to do with Allah the almighty at all. Hijab and burka are inventions of people who want to control the lives of women.


MKS 21.11.2013 08:36

No hijab is not " symbol for the immigrant Muslims", it is the symbol of all muslim women, even those millions who are Russian nationals from centuries. Some people don't like how Muslims wear and pray - let them be whatever they like - but Muslim women do not want to bare themsleves in fron of other because they fear the torment from Allah on the day of judgement if they disregard His message.


nagyelme 21.11.2013 01:43

The hijab became a symbol for the immigrant Muslim minorities to assert their disregard for the majority. Everywhere, in France, Russia, UK etc...

The majority noticed and they are reacting.

B ut also, there is the factor of the Muslim cultures being contradicting everyone else's notions of freedom for women and tolerance. So the backlash is understandable against this invasive culture who shows disrespect for the host culture, makes a lot of babies and do not want to integrate.

When i immigrated to Canada, i embraced their culture and language and did not insist sickeningly to make little Hungary out of Montreal.

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