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Navalny caves in to freemasons, renames party

Published time: February 10, 2014 09:52
Edited time: February 10, 2014 12:11
Alexey Navalny (RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev)

Alexey Navalny (RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev)

Aleksey Navalny has decided to stop a seemingly-endless court battle with Greens and freemasons by giving his future party a new name, chosen at a secret meeting. It will now be called ‘Party of Progress’.

Navalny personally announced the news on his Twitter feed, adding that the rebranding was a forced move after competitors, to whom the popular blogger referred as “Kremlin crooks,” “stole and registered” the original name ‘People’s Alliance’. The blogger added that the new name was invented just a day earlier in strict confidence so that the enemies could not steal it as well and rename “one of their parties.”

The incident mentioned by Navalny took place in December last year. Then, the Justice Ministry re-registered the Rodnaya Strana (Native Country) party - founded by professional political consultant and the Grand Master of Russia’s Great Masonic Lodge Andrey Bogdanov - under the name People’s Alliance. Prior to that, the ministry had rejected applications from Navalny’s supporters for procedural reasons and various minor violations.

Bogdanov himself described the renaming as a friendly move, saying that he simply wanted to help the popular anti-corruption blogger by having an already-registered organization. Navalny, however, has rejected the possibility of such cooperation and called Bogdanov’s party a fake.

Another of Navalny’s unsuccessful registration attempts was also connected with the name of the project. In May 2013, the existing group ‘Alliance of the Greens – People’s Party’ complained that the People’s Alliance was using words from its official name. Russian law forbids a political party from using other parties’ names, even in part, and the Greens threatened to sue the Justice Ministry if the registration procedure continued.

Aleksey Navalny has gained significant popularity because of his anti-corruption blog and his role in creation of a web-based crowd funded anti-corruption project RosPil. Navalny is extremely critical of the authorities, blaming officials for creating and maintaining the system that allows for tremendous corruption schemes. His primary target is the parliamentary majority party United Russia.

In 2013, he ran for Moscow mayor and came second with over 27 percent of the votes. After the poll Navalny said he has enough public support to officially associate with the party of his supporters. Up to then he preferred informal cooperation, claiming that otherwise the authorities would apply pressure to a young project.

Despite the staunch anti-corruption rhetoric, Navalny himself has become a suspect in several criminal cases involving graft and embezzlement. One case has already ended in a conviction – in mid-July last year Navalny was sentenced to five years behind bars for his role in the large-scale embezzlement at a state owned timber company. The sentenced was commuted as suspended after an appeal by prosecutors.

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IllI 27.04.2014 05:38

Denis Viktorovich 17.02.2014 19:28

Navalniy is a traitor and a sellout. A foreign agent. Proved beyond reasonable doubt with FACTS.

No if's or butt's...


An d, yes he is jewish. This seems to be a jewish trait. They sold rifles to the american indians etc...I would bet benedict arnold was. This trait is in their genes like lying, and cheatin' you out of your money. They teach each other this.


Бојан Даковић 22.02.2014 16:34

Obviously nowadays you have either a pro-patriotic party that leads the country and develops it in a steady manner and at the same time people like Navalny who propagate anti-corruption, but dont obide to it themself, so by other words they sell you a cat in a bag. Also when I hear the word mason freemasonry and similar I get chills up in my spine, so its enough reason to tell you that if they want to back up Navalny, HE is just a tool for external penetration into at present time better Russia than it was in the 90s. Politics of a any country is not something that you play with. Remember Boris Jelcin.


rhh 18.02.2014 23:35

In China, there was up till very recently also a famous politician, even eyed as the next president of the great people's republic because of his tough way of battling corruption.
His faith. arrested for corruption, eventually.
The Gang of Four, after Mao's regrettible death, faced the same fate.
Thats'east of the Russian Federation.
West of it important politicians of almost every "free and democratic nation" critized the new Nomen klatura of Mother Russia of behaviour beijng like a mob.
Why do the say this? know yourselves!

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