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​Putin: No plans for BRICS military, political alliance
The BRICS countries want to challenge the international financial system’s dependency on US policies and strengthen the rule of international law, Vladimir Putin said. He stressed, however, that there are no plans for a military or political alliance.

15.07.2014 02:09 123

​The ‘Border children’ controversy: Fascism in Central America & USA
The recent controversy regarding the "border children" in the United States needs to be placed in a proper global context.

14.07.2014 12:06 9

‘Cooperation with Latin America is key to Russia’s foreign policy’ – Putin
Moscow's cooperation with Latin American states is a priority for Russia’s foreign policy, President Vladimir Putin told Cuba's Prensa Latina and Russia's Itar-Tass news agencies in an interview.

10.07.2014 18:55 112

'US allies begin to question value of relationships with Washington'
The alliance of countries that have lock-stepped and marched behind the US for so long is falling apart now, and the situation with US spying on Germany only confirms this trend, Caleb Maupin from International Action Center told RT.

08.07.2014 07:50 15

Appointing 'Sovietologist' as a new US ambassador to Russia not the road to peace
The Cold War against the Soviet Union became an industry in the United States.

04.07.2014 10:32 10

Anders Rasmussen, ‘Moscow gold’ and America’s forgotten past
Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Secretary-General of NATO, recently gave a speech attempting to link the environmentalist movement opposed to the practice of extracting natural gas by means of hydraulic fracking to the government of the Russian Federation.

01.07.2014 12:00 5

‘US needs Poland just as a base area through which to threaten Russia’
The Polish people are suffering under extreme austerity measures and now there are the US troops piling in their country, using it as a place to threaten Russia, which doesn’t anyhow help Poland, political analyst Caleb Maupin told RT.

24.06.2014 13:13 1

‘In Iraq the US is getting exactly what it wants’
The US wants no stable force in the Middle East, no opposition, no basis for anything that could become a stable economy, exporting oil and competing with it on the world markets, political analyst Caleb Maupin told RT.

20.06.2014 09:41 82

The United States will not accept peace
Popular discourse in the US often speaks of “anti-American dictators” and “aggressive autocrats.” The group of world leaders who currently top the US enemies list is always portrayed as “pushing toward war” with their “hostility.”

18.06.2014 12:19 51

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