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US nuke accusations ‘part of infowar set to discredit Russia’ over Ukraine crisis
US claims and allegations, including the accusation that Russia violated the INF nuclear weapons treaty, are part of an anti-Russian campaign launched amid the Ukraine crisis, Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov told RT.

13.08.2014 17:59 83

​Scapegoating immigrants: The global strategy of Wall Street
The US Congress is locked in a battle over immigration policy. The current phase of the discussion began with a mob of ‘Tea Party’ activists in California, who blocked a bus containing migrant youth from Guatemala and Honduras.

07.08.2014 08:28 1

‘Russia is trying to protect itself from US economic warfare’
Russia’s introduction of agricultural import bans from sanctioning countries is a way for Moscow to protect itself from Western economic aggression, Caleb Maupin, a political analyst at the International Action Center, told RT.

07.08.2014 00:10 62

Kiev’s ‘chivalrous’ atrocities: Moscow UN envoy slams Poroshenko jive
The Kiev leadership, which vowed its military would “never use force against civilians” and would risk their lives to keep people away from harm, conduct their op with “outrageous atrocity” resulting in multiple casualties, said Russia’s UN ambassador.

31.07.2014 18:59 18

Malaysian Boeing disaster – Russia’s questions to Ukraine
Russia’s Air Transport Agency has prepared a number of questions for Ukraine seeking to clarify the situation surrounding the crash of flight MH17.

25.07.2014 13:32 168

​Putin: No plans for BRICS military, political alliance
The BRICS countries want to challenge the international financial system’s dependency on US policies and strengthen the rule of international law, Vladimir Putin said. He stressed, however, that there are no plans for a military or political alliance.

15.07.2014 02:09 95

​The ‘Border children’ controversy: Fascism in Central America & USA
The recent controversy regarding the "border children" in the United States needs to be placed in a proper global context.

14.07.2014 12:06 11

‘Cooperation with Latin America is key to Russia’s foreign policy’ – Putin
Moscow's cooperation with Latin American states is a priority for Russia’s foreign policy, President Vladimir Putin told Cuba's Prensa Latina and Russia's Itar-Tass news agencies in an interview.

10.07.2014 18:55 81

'US allies begin to question value of relationships with Washington'
The alliance of countries that have lock-stepped and marched behind the US for so long is falling apart now, and the situation with US spying on Germany only confirms this trend, Caleb Maupin from International Action Center told RT.

08.07.2014 07:50 14

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