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Bali birthday invitation: Putin asks Obama to meet in Indonesia on Oct 7

Published time: October 03, 2013 11:43
Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, and President of the United States of America Barack Obama (RIA Novosti/Michael Klimentyev)

Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, and President of the United States of America Barack Obama (RIA Novosti/Michael Klimentyev)

The Russian and US presidents may hold another summit on October 7 and continue their discussion on the Syria crisis. The invitation comes from Vladimir Putin, who will be celebrating his birthday that day.

The new meeting between the two leaders could take place in Indonesia, in the background of the forthcoming APEC summit in Bali.

Vladimir Putin’s aide Yuri Ushakov told reporters on Thursday that the meeting was proposed by the Russian side.

There was a dynamic and very useful contact in St. Petersburg. It is very logical that, considering the works on the Syrian topic, they meet again in Bali. We support this,” RIA Novosti quoted him as saying.

Ushakov also added that the idea of the new meeting first appeared during the preparations for the APEC summit and this was a Russian side’s idea that was immediately supported by the US side.

If the Bali meeting takes place it would fall on Vladimir Putin’s 61st birthday.

The last meeting between Russian and US presidents took place in Russia’s St. Petersburg in early September this year as the city was hosting the G20 summit. Initially, Barack Obama had planned to meet Putin during a visit to Moscow, timed with the summit, but this visit was canceled, reportedly over the two nations’ disagreements on a number of issues – first of all, the situation in Syria and the fate of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The relations between Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama are those that should be between the leaders of two states that share the responsibility for global security and stability. They are very constructive, though lately they have plenty of quite serious contradictions,” the Russian President’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov noted back in September.

No agreements were reached in St. Petersburg, but the talks possibly paved the way to the US support of the Russian plan to take Syrian chemical weapons under international control, that was agreed later by the two countries’ chief diplomats, Sergey Lavrov and John Kerry.

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WorkTogether 06.10.2013 19:48

Think very few on the planet know what these two presidents are going discuss.... What if it is an upcoming even which could affect the whole planet? Would have loved nothing more than to be a intel fly on the wall... Could it be ISON, could it be Siding Spring and the possibility that one of them could smack Mars or could it be something far worse...??


WorkTogether 06.10.2013 19:39

Count Cash 03.10.2013 14:42

Just heard Obama doesn’t need to worry about the cost of going there, Greenpeace are going to take him. They say they want to help move hot air away from America, to help the climate!




WorkTogether 06.10.2013 19:37

Connie 03.10.2013 18:29

He made headlines bragging how he avoided president Putin just last month.

Now that his government is a failure with the Shutdown, the super-debts, the inability to sign a budget, will he, or will he not go? They will have wonderful ikru there.

A very happy birthday to the President.


Possibly Obama needs to destress big time ... maybe he might get to play a round of golf and Putin might get to go fishing? Afterwards, Obama might take up fishing and Putin discover the delights of golf! Hey man, they could end up having a good time!

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