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Head of Russian arms industry pledges economic support for Ukraine

Published time: February 07, 2014 13:39
Dmitry Rogozin (RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenko)

Dmitry Rogozin (RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenko)

Dmitry Rogozin hopes that economic cooperation between Russia and Ukraine will create more workplaces and eventually extinguish the social tensions ravaging the country.

Russia’s deputy PM in charge of the defense industry wrote in his Tweeter on Friday that he planned to call an urgent meeting dedicated to cooperation with Ukraine. He mentioned such branches of industry as aircraft building, engine building, ship building and also the rocket and space industries.

While pro-Western people were weaving intrigue and getting into scandals, Russia was helping Ukraine to restore economic ties with our enterprises. This means the creation of thousands new workplaces,” Rogozin wrote.

Maybe when it happens there will be less unemployed and resentful people taking foreign payments for launching pogroms in their own cities. I hope this will be so,” the Russian official added.

The statement follows Rogozin’s warnings, dated November last year, when the official said that Russia would remove all ‘sensitive’ production facilities from Ukraine if the association agreement with the EU is signed. He also noted that he did not believe Ukraine can count on eventual EU entry anyway.

The cooperation of Russian and Ukrainian weapons manufacturers dates back to the centralized and planned economy of the Soviet Union. Due to the nature of the business, the exact contract details are usually classified and it is difficult to estimate the volume of the deals. However, in January this year Ukraine’s government plenipotentiary for relations with Russia, Valery Muntiyan, said that about 400 Russian defense enterprises used materials and componentsproduced in Ukraine, and 70 percent of all companies supplying the Ukrainian defense industry are located in Russia.

It is important for Ukraine, both today and in the long term, to at least maintain, and, in separate branches, to develop the military technical cooperation and industrial ties with the Russian Federation further. In the past years the volume of sales of Ukrainian military and dual-use products to the Russian Federation has been larger than to other countries of the world,” the plenipotentiary noted.

President Vladimir Putin also mentioned the military industrial cooperation between the two countries when he met his Ukrainian counterpart, Viktor Yanukovich, in December last year.

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Milan Bilek 13.02.2014 16:15

@Lee Schuler, Yes I am afraid many Ukrainians really believes that is the case! But I totally agree with you, that they arre in for a big surprice and not a nice one! But those payed Thugs and trained (terrorist rioters) Ans the sugar praises from the EU/US/Nato gangsters,must have blinded them! Or else they are plain speaked (uneducated on the reallity in the EU) and unaware that the US are using EU again to persue their strategic goals towards Russia! It's all too obvious, if you pay a minimum of atention towards the US expansionism and Imperialism!


suricaten 13.02.2014 16:05

Someone of the comentators on these articles on RT. must have found a way to give themselves a lot of +'ses! Because when I read some of that persons comments, they say the same things, and often not very interesting ones! But regardless of that, he get more +'ses than anybody else, together it seems! To say it a bit strong! Strange phenomenon? May be he have a fan club, or pay for support? Just wondering! What seems too good tobe true, usually isn't!


Natalia 12.02.2014 22:32

As I commented on a different article, there is no point giving financial help to Ukraine, until the government in my beloved country changes. They will just pocket all the money. What's the use?

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