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Russia: ‘We’ll only return to PACE after sanctions lifted’

Published time: April 18, 2014 09:15
Edited time: April 18, 2014 14:01
General view of the plenary room of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (Reuters/Vincent Kessler)

General view of the plenary room of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (Reuters/Vincent Kessler)

Russia’s State Duma has passed a statement detailing conditions of resuming dialogue with PACE, claiming nations who repeatedly violated international law causing thousands of casualties have no moral right to judge Russia or impose sanctions on it.

MPs said in the document that they consider it impossible to resume the dialogue at PACE when the sanctions against Russia are still in force.

The statement is a result of the anti-Russian resolution approved by PACE on April 10 in connection with the current political crisis in Ukraine. The European body deprived the Russian delegation of the right to vote and banned it from participation in PACE’s ruling bodies and monitoring missions till the end of the year.

Russia’s representatives walked out of the assembly in protest, claiming there was no sense in participating in the session when they could not influence the results.

People in PACE must understand that the assembly can play its role of common European body for inter-parliamentary cooperation, promote the ideals of equal rights, the rule of law and strict observation of Human Rights and freedoms only on condition of Russia’s constructive participation in its work. Any other way would lead us to a political dead end,” reads the address.

The Duma also stated that the restoration of all powers of the Russian delegation was the necessary condition for Russia’s full-pledged participation in the assembly.

The legislators noted in the address that the attacks against Russia were led by representatives of states that had participated in the aggression against Iraq and military occupation of this country, that bombed Serbia and its capital Belgrade, and also attacked Libya with bombs and missiles from aircraft after blatantly distorting the content of a UNSC resolution.

Over the past years these countries have repeatedly and knowingly violated the international law, their actions led to a great bloodshed, loss of tens and hundreds of thousands of lives and tremendous destruction. Because of that, they have no moral right to judge Russia or impose sanctions against it,” reads the parliamentary message.

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CaptPhil 03.05.2014 02:48

The Russian people should realize that the American news outlets are completely controlled by the White House and the only news Americans receive about the Ukraine is Political propaganda slanted towards building support for the US Administration. Those Americans who have access to international news media and have an interest in Foreign Affairs know that the facts presented to them are untrue.


milomilo 02.05.2014 04:07

To add a bit about Pro US commenters that keep flooding RT.. it is the same ones that was pushing the narative 'putin=badguy' 'putin=hitler' 'russia=aggressor'.. it is the same narrative that was pushed by US State dept..

a blind man would immediately noticed the pattern of these shills.. they are either paid by US Gov or their intellegence arm..

Shilling is not new, may commerical corporation did that too, flooding the net with good comments to increase their product's perceived quality (samsung shills is the worst)..


Dominik Eichler 29.04.2014 13:27

"Those anti Russian comments come too quick from the U.S. I bet they are NSA/CIA operatives at work. BTW I know a little about our intelligence community firsthand and our guys watch RT and Al Jazeera exclusively. Why? Because it is the most accurate. Not my words, that came down from upper-command. ;)" - RealAmerican.
ha haha you amuse me man. You know "first hand" that your/our intelligence community watches Al Jazeera and RT because it is the most accurate? I would seriously check those facts because my first hand experience contradicts yours. I watch RT because i think its a good source of biased features.

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