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Calls for Russia’s breakup must not be left unpunished – Putin

Published time: December 03, 2013 13:48
President Vladimir Putin seen at the Moscow State University, meeting with Moscow law students, December 3, 2013. (RIA Novosti/Mikhail Metsel)

President Vladimir Putin seen at the Moscow State University, meeting with Moscow law students, December 3, 2013. (RIA Novosti/Mikhail Metsel)

Voicing separatism in the Russian Federation violates the country’s Constitution and those who allow this must be held responsible, President Putin has said at a meeting with students.

The response came when Putin was meeting law students at the Moscow State University and one of them asked about the president’s attitude to the suggestion to criminalize public calls for the breakup of the country.

It is stated directly [in the Constitution] that the state must provide the territorial integrity of the country and thus, any talk about dividing any territories from the Russian Federation are anti-constitutional,” Putin said.

These are jaw flappers, not serious people. Or they are people who serve the interests of other states,” the Russian leader said, adding that the state must protect any part of Russia – the Arctic, the north, the south or the east of Russia. 

The President emphasized that the authorities would always react to separatist statements. “We cannot just pass by without noticing such things. We must always react to the words and even more so to the deeds,” he told the students, adding that the response must be proportionate.

The exact form of responsibility must be determined by professional lawyers and approved by the parliament, Vladimir Putin concluded.

In October this year the leader of the Russian Communists, Gennadiy Zyuganov told a party plenum that calls for a breakup of the Russian Federation are inspired by the ‘Imperial West’ and should be punished by a jail term. According to Zyuganov, Russia is facing a new wave of colonization and the attempts to cause strife between Russia’s numerous peoples and ethnic groups were a part of that major plan.

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Nikitas Petrakopoulos 11.12.2013 06:29

If Ukraine joins the so called EU it will be the total surrender to the German policy of Bismarck/ Hitler/ Adenauer/.../Merkel. It will prove that the incredible sacrifices of the Russian people were wasted due to the incompetence of Gorbachev. Why was he not arrested as soon as the likes of Thacher and Reagan declared that they can do BUSINESS..with him? My skin crawled as soon as I read it in the N.Y. Times of the day. Well now we know what she meant.
One question: Why is it that Stalin did not liquidate every single German all the way to Berlin given the devastation the war criminals caused? The Romans would do it.


Sergei Markov 10.12.2013 12:57

bernard todd 09.12.2013 20:10

Russia has got a future, US has not, end of story.


Wow, what a fantastic comment. First of all, does this article have anything to do with the US? Beyond that, you think Russia has a future and the US doesn't? You must not have gone to school. Russia is a developing country gowing at a slower rate than the U.S., AND it has an authorian government! The U.S. is a developed and arguably the most powerful country on the planet that has a flourishing democracy. God, sometimes the comments on RT are just so dumb.


Joe Rich 10.12.2013 02:39

I did not see any news on RT about Putin closing down the RIA Novosti news service and Voice of Russia. RT is not a balanced news service, so how do we get balanced news about Russia?

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