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Pensioner seeks 50mn rubles over ‘moral challenge’ of Leningrad Siege poll

Published time: February 07, 2014 10:23
RIA Novosti / Celik

RIA Novosti / Celik

An activist representing the Pensioners’ Union of Russia is demanding 50 million rubles (over $1.4 million) from the Dozhd TV channel and promises that any awarded damages would go to veterans who protected Leningrad during WWII.

The head of union’s St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad) branch, Boris Ivanchenko, filed the lawsuit as a private individual, seeking compensation for moral damages. However, in press comments he stressed that he was acting in the public interest.

My lawsuit is over the moral damages and the serious moral challenge to the people who endured the blockade and defended the city and, through it, the whole country. If I manage to push for justice I will not take the money for myself, but will send it to people who defended Leningrad,” Ivchenko said.

It is important to obtain material compensation because the apologies aired by the TV channel are not sufficient,” he added.

The incident that prompted the apologies and the lawsuit took place in late January. As Russia celebrated the 70th anniversary of the lifting the Leningrad blockade in WWII, Dozhd (Rain) TV posted an internet poll in which it asked its audience if they thought Leningrad should have been surrendered to the Nazis “in order to save hundreds of thousands of lives.”

The question caused a wave of public indignation and many comments from politicians from all sides of the political spectrum. Several major cable broadcasters also said they were pulling the plug on Dozhd, but did not detail the reasons behind the move.

Facing such a backlash, Dozhd removed the poll from its website and apologized. However, its senior managers said they were not going to hold anyone responsible over posing the question.

The Dozhd team later convened a press conference and accused the authorities and the parliamentary majority United Russia party of a concerted attack aimed at silencing the only TV channel in the country that supports the opposition.

Dozhd is usually critical of the authorities, although it does not specifically side with any of Russia’s opposition parties and movements.

The channel’s chief editor and general director also claimed that the cable providers were switching Dozhd off after facing pressure from the authorities.

The 50-million-ruble lawsuit is not the only court battle Dozhd is currently facing. Over 20 pensioners have sued the channel in various district courts of St. Petersburg. Details of these cases have not been disclosed.

The courts also rejected about a dozen more lawsuits from pensioners for procedural reasons.

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Marko Bozic 28.04.2014 10:10

LET US REMEMBER what Nazis had in store for Leningrad (and many of the great Russian cities) after capture. All in official documents of the Nazi Germany and legal documents from the trails in Nuremberg... Surround, exterminate whole populous to the last child and women, some even erecting dams to drown the city (make it a pond)... Feudalize whole Russian space, put remaining populous to serfdom and let the conqueror govern the land literally medieval style...

.. .

Why no one asks other questions, why did the West wait so long to open 2nd front? What is Operation Unthinkable?...etc


Hector 15.04.2014 00:17

The biggest crime was the gangster takeover of a nation built up with the blood of its people who defended the greatest revolution of the 20th century against the West fascist and later imperialist onslaught. The first done done after their treachery was to rename the city were the the inhabitants shed the most blood in war from Leningrad to a name given by an earlier czarist aristocracy. That city will always be Leningrad to revolutionaries worldwide in solidarity with the old revolutionary soviet Russia and its greatest leader ever.


Ivan888 07.04.2014 00:13

Which is better? Complain and whine about question, or to answer question correctly?

Better question about Great Patriotic War --- why happen?
Is very big question that includes:
Who really caused Christian Israel nations of Russia, USA, Britain, Poland, France, Germany, etc. to kill each other in 2 (Two) giant 20th Century Armageddons?

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