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Political intrigue hampers honest investigation of WMD use in Syria - Lavrov

Published time: April 29, 2013 09:54
Edited time: April 29, 2013 13:56
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (RIA Novosti/Eduard Pesov)

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (RIA Novosti/Eduard Pesov)

Using weapons of mass destruction as a tool in geopolitical games prevents an honest investigation of their alleged use in Syria, says Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

He told a news conference in Moscow on Monday, “There are states and external players who think that all means are good if they lead to displacement of the Syrian regime. But the issue of the use of weapons of mass destruction is too serious and no one should play with it. I consider it inadmissible to use this issue and speculate on it.”

“The blame for the fact that no one investigates the particular incident that took place on March 19 and that still causes universal concern should be put on the nations that attempt to prevent the UN Secretary General from a simple and direct answer to a simple and direct question,” the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry added.

Sergey Lavrov was referring to the alleged chemical weapons attack near the city of Aleppo. The Syrian government said that rebels used a rocket with a chemical warhead killing 25 people and injuring 86. The authorities have asked top UN officials to open an investigation into the incident.

However, the inquiry has stalled as a group of Western nations are blocking it, insisting an international commission should investigate a different case of supposed chemical attack – near Homs in December for which the rebels blame government forces.

The Syrian government has denied entry to a UN team of investigators, saying that it must include Russian specialists to ensure that it is unbiased.

Sergey Lavrov noted that “no one has presented any proof for these claims [of a chemical attack near Homs] and the intelligence agencies, including the ones of our Western partners, said that these statements lacked any detailed proof whatsoever.”

Lavrov also refuted the reports in the Lebanese media that the Russian stance on Syria had changed. “We can guess that there are people in Lebanon and in a number of other capitals in the region who would like to indulge in wishful thinking,” the minister said while commenting on the possibility of change.

“There is no change in our position. From the very beginning we called for everyone who can influence the situation not to take any sides and demand from all combatants to stop violence and start negotiations without any prior conditions. This position remains absolutely consistent in present,” the Russian official stated.

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dbzwolle 01.05.2013 23:02

This is my point, we need to come together and stop playing these senseless games of divide and Conquer! I feel in my heart we can all come together and live in peace! I'm well aware of the money situation, but, again the powers that be created this reality and now that it's not working for them, they want to kill us, because they want to live better? Instead of asking for help for the right off planet sources, you've decided to kill us all! I don't believe shooting at them will do anything to races over 1-million year old? The games afoot, their just waiting for you to stand-down!

Anonymous user 01.05.2013 18:56

the jig is up and we know Obama is targeting a big fish to cover American losses

Anonymous user 01.05.2013 07:04

General Clark correct, Carter & Brezinski had CIA pay to bring Khoemeni back from Paris to Tehran...

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