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Boom Bust

Axel Merk and Peter Schiff talk GDP numbers and US growth Axel Merk, President and Chief Investment Officer of Merk Investments (Reuters / Mike Segar)
For the West, the big question is whether the latest sanctions on Moscow will make President Putin more corporative or just prompt him to dig his heels even harder. Erin takes a look. Axel Merk, president and CEO of Merk Funds, talks about 2Q GD... July 31, 2014 03:30 1
Boom Bust

The Boom Bust cycle is as old as Western banking itself. Each day at 4:30 pm EST Erin Ade breaks through the mainstream headlines to find the stories that matter, and help you navigate the Booms and the Busts.

Reuters / Benoit Tessier
Cate Long on Puerto Rico finances & Patrick Byrne on bitcoin in retail

Argentina has until Wednesday to make an interest payment to bondholders or it will officially default for the second time in 13 years. Erin takes a look....

July 30, 2014 03:30 2
Reuters / Michaela Rehle
David Beckworth on QE effects & Yanis Varoufakis talks Greece’s future

Erin takes a look at the possible consequences for the European economy of sanctions against Russia. Dr. David Beckworth talks about central banks,...

July 29, 2014 05:30 4
Rupert Murdoch (AFP Photo / Jason Reed)
Steve Hanke on effectiveness of economic sanctions and Murdoch wants Time Warner

Our lead story: Rupert Murdoch wants Time Warner and he’s selling off assets to get it! On Friday, 21st Century Fox said it was selling its Italian...

July 26, 2014 03:30 1
AFP Photo / Alejandro Pagni
Steve Hanke talks Argentine debt & Karl Denninger on wearables & Fed policy

On Thursday, Facebook’s stock sky-rocketed as much as 7.6 percent to an intra-day high of almost $77, giving the company a total market cap of $197...

July 25, 2014 03:30 4
Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez (AFP Photo)
Steve Keen talks Debt & Karl Denninger on iOS security issues

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez's battle against “holdout” investors suing her country is increasing the odds that her government will default...

July 24, 2014 03:30 6
Reuters/Robert Galbraith
Frances Coppola discusses Fed Rate Hike & Anthony Randazzo on govt. pensions

Tuesday morning billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman declared loudly (again) he believes Herbalife is a pyramid scheme. The Pershing Square...

July 23, 2014 03:30 1
Mark Wilson / Getty Images / AFP
​Steve Keen’s take on BIS report & Barry Eichengreen talks Fed & regulation

Our lead story: In the five years since the financial crisis, auto loans to people with tainted credit have risen more than 130 percent! Last year, roughly...

July 22, 2014 05:30 3
Reuters / Olivia Harris
​QE is for the rich: Jim Bruce & George Magnus talk BIS & monetary policy

The US imposed further sanctions against Russia on Wednesday over the four-month uprising by anti-Kiev insurgents in eastern Ukraine. A major development...

July 18, 2014 03:30 2
Treasury Secretary Jack Lew (AFP Photo / Getty Images / Mark Wilson)
​Institutions & economy with Daron Acemoglu & Victor Shih

US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew defines ‘economic patriotism’ as keeping your multinational corporation on American soil. Tuesday, the Obama...

July 17, 2014 03:30 1

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