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Boom Bust

​Raoul Pal: The Fed against the world means serious market and economic volatility JPMorgan Chase Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon .(Reuters / Mike Theiler)
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon has vowed to fight the Fed over capital requirements for the big banks. As we all know, the Fed is upping the amount of capital the biggest banks must have on their balance sheets in order to create a safety cushion for t... March 28, 2015 03:30
Boom Bust

The Boom Bust cycle is as old as Western banking itself. Each day at 4:30 pm EST Erin Ade breaks through the mainstream headlines to find the stories that matter, and help you navigate the Booms and the Busts.

Reuters / Yannis Behrakis
​Celente on Europe & strikes in Yemen 2: ‘Greece should’ve never been in euro’

Oil futures jumped more than 6 percent on Thursday following the start of Saudi Arabian airstrikes in Yemen. Fears the conflict could spread stoked...

March 27, 2015 03:30
Reuters / Aly Song
​Celente on China’s hard landing & AIIB, plus mobile trends update

With a modest amount of expertise and $60, computer hackers can now gain remote access to someone’s car. Erin weighs in. Gerald Celente, author and...

March 26, 2015 03:30
Reuters / John Kolesidis
Europe joins Chinese bank as Greek woes continue

The eager European applicants to join the China-run Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank before the March 31 deadline have certainly annoyed the United...

March 25, 2015 03:30
Reuters / Yannis Behrakis
Huge wealth at 15 CPW, questions on market froth & bond bubbles

Athens confirmed that it has written to key eurozone figures warning that it would be “impossible” for Greece to meet its debt payments without some...

March 24, 2015 05:30
Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital (Reuters / Rick Wilking)
Boom Bust, Fed edition (Part II)

The concept of central banking leaves many people scratching their heads. To get some insight, we were joined by a panel of guests including Peter Schiff,...

March 21, 2015 03:30
Reuters / Toru Hanai
Boom Bust, Fed edition

We brought together four economists and commentators with different ideas to debate whether central banks are good for the economy. In part one, we...

March 20, 2015 06:53
Reuters / Robert Galbraith
​Fed loses its patience; Apple, Facebook dominate mobile paradigm shift

The Fed decided to scrap the word ‘patient’ from its language when referring to rate hikes, rallying markets, while the US 10-year Treasury yield dipped...

March 19, 2015 03:30
Reuters / Heinz-Peter Bader
​Pettifor on ‘currency wars’

The new Apple TV will roll out in the fall, but won’t carry content from NBC after disputes with NBC Universal’s parent company Comcast ended poorly....

March 18, 2015 03:30
Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis (Reuters / Yves Herman)
Greek media gaffes & deep dive on US, on Apple & on subprime auto

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis certainly had a rough weekend - in fact, a rough first six weeks. It started off with some serious backlash...

March 17, 2015 05:30