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Breaking the Set

Half of wildlife gone, firefighters fight sexism & Okinawa struggles for independence AFP Photo/Evaristo SA
Abby Martin remarks on the growing price tag of America’s offensive against ISIS terrorists, while US defense contractors’ stock values skyrocket. A WWF study that found over the last 40 years the number of wild animals on Earth has reduced by 50... October 01, 2014 04:30
Breaking the Set

­There are too many rules in our society that only prop up the establishment – an establishment that tries its hardest to divide and conquer the people. ‘Breaking the Set’ is a show that cuts through the pre-written narrative that tries to tell you what to think, and what to care about.

Riot police use pepper spray as they clash with protesters, as tens of thousands of protesters block the main street to the financial Central district outside the government headquarters in Hong Kong September 28, 2014. (Reuters/Bobby Yip)
Fake terror threats, standing up to Beijing, secret Fed tapes, world leaders call out UN

Abby Martin discusses revelations by the Intercept that a secretive terrorist organization known as the Khorasan Group was largely fabricated. The...

September 30, 2014 04:30
Residents look at buildings which were damaged in what activists say was one of Tuesday's U.S. air strikes in Kfredrian, Idlib province September 24, 2014. (Reuters/Ammar Abdullah)
Ron Paul on Illegal Syria War, terror blowback and the tea party hijacking

On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin speaks with former Congressman and three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul, discussing his views on the...

September 27, 2014 04:30
Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. announces his resignation today, September 25, 2014 in Washington, DC.(AFP Photo / Win McNamee)
Israel indicted for war crimes, cops caught on tape & media’s terror mission with Lionel

Abby Martin remarks on the resignation of US Attorney General Eric Holder, going over a reel of policies he’s backed. RT’s Alexey Yaroshevsky goes over...

September 26, 2014 04:30
Mississippi Department of Corrections in Parchman, Mississippi (Reuters / HO)
Indefinite detention in Mississippi, corporate climate infiltrators & in-your-face activism

Abby Martin on a new lawsuit by the ACLU against Scott County, Mississippi, concerning 50 prisoners who’ve spent months behind bars without being formally...

September 25, 2014 04:30
Residents inspect damaged buildings in what activists say was a U.S. strike, in Kfredrian, Idlib province September 23, 2014 (Reuters / Abdalghne Karoof)
New illegal war begins, surveillance overhaul & Chris Hedges Breaks the Set

Abby Martin remarks on the start of US airstrikes in Syria despite restrictions against such actions under international law. Former NSA officer and...

September 24, 2014 04:30
People march through Times Square during a rally against climate change in New York, September 21, 2014. (Reuters/Eduardo Munoz)
When SWAT don’t knock, pointless ISIS airstrikes & funding climate change disinfo

Abby Martin on the case of Marvin Lewis Guy, a Texan facing the death penalty after shooting and killing an intruder in his home who turned out to be a...

September 23, 2014 04:30
Reuters / Gene Blevins
​Grenade launchers for schools, Occupy’s metamorphosis & abolishing student loan debt

In this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin reports on how LAPD officers charged with guarding schools are being outfitted with military-grade...

September 20, 2014 04:30
A worker tips out a ballot box in the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre in Aberdeen, on September 18, 2014, immediately after the polls close in the referendum on Scotland's independence. (AFP Photo / Ben Stansall)
Scotland’s breakup with Imperial England & Gov. Gary Johnson sues over rigged elections

Abby Martin speaks with Joseph Ritchie, an organizer with the Radical Independence Campaign about the Scottish Independence referendum and why Scots are...

September 19, 2014 04:30
AFP Photo
War on Terror’s self-fulfilling prophecy, militarizing Ebola & roots of Ukraine’s unrest

Abby Martin remarks on President Obama’s strategy on fighting ISIS, calling out the lack of a timeline and continuation of tactics that keep America in...

September 17, 2014 04:30

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